All You Need to Know About Two Pack Cabinets for Your Kitchen

Two Pack Cabinets white kitchen

Two pack cabinets are gaining popularity these days as a kitchen refurbishment option and they are quiet in trend to be honest. Commonly written as “two pack” it is basically a type of cabinet finish and are equally used for kitchen doors as well.

What are two pack cabinets?

Two pack in truest form refers to a special type of paint or finish. This comes with a tin of colour paint and another tin of special hardener coat. The two coatings are mixed into one unique solution to form the colourful and functional two pack coat. Regular kitchen cabinet paints are single coat or single pack. The two-pack finish paint is very hard, adds a glossy finish to the cabinets, and does not peel off. Kitchen cabinets with such finish are more sturdy as the paint hardens and thickens after application.

Single pack finish v/s two pack finish:

Single pack finish or paints are mostly based on solvents and are applied on kitchen cabinets with the help of sprayers. The paint sticks to the cabinet surface after evaporation of the solvent. But two pack cabinets are different. The container containing the paint basically holds an acrylic and melamine containing paint which is resin based and the hardener solution is also resin based made of poly-isocyanate material. During mixing of the two liquids a chemical reaction taking place that hardens the paint and hence no evaporation takes place.

The upsides and the downsides of two pack cabinets:

Few key benefits of kitchen cabinets are as mentioned below:

  • Absence of edging or glue hence stands the test of time.
  • Glossy finish, adds chic beauty to the kitchen cabinets. The cabinets are sturdy as well as beautiful looking.
  • The paint never peels. No peeling of paint means no frequent repainting. Saves a lot of money.
  • Cleaning and maintenance is easy and hassle free.
  • Extremely versatile paint offers a lot of variation in terms of surface finish. Apart from the glossy finish metallic finish and satin finish are also available. The cabinet design and look can complement any kind of kitchen décor.
  • The two pack paints are available in a wide range of lush, vivid and elaborate colours. You can repaint your cabinets easily whenever you want with any suitable colours by spending minimal amount.

Two Pack Cabinets stove in corner

Few key drawbacks of the two pack cabinets are as mentioned below:

  • The paint takes longer to dry.
  • The paint application and drying process must be carried out in a dust-free environment otherwise dust maydistort the smooth finish.
  • The drying process is accelerated with application of heat. Hence a heat-controlled environment is required for drying.
  • The isocyanate is toxic in nature and hence the person applying two pack paints must be extra careful and no one else should around during paint application. Special masks must be used during the paint application.

Two pack cabinets are safe and non-toxic after drying and they offer a freshly polished look which is beautiful and elegant. More and more designers are opting for this paint for the glossiness and glamour it adds to the kitchen.


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