6 Tips to Make Your Home Shine This Spring

white table interior spring cleaning

One of the most interesting things about human beings is the way they react to the outside stimuli. We like to believe that our own actions and behaviors are the only thing that governs our feelings, but in truth things are not always so. A sunny day is much more likely to have us smiling and singing while commuting to work than a cloudy afternoon. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that as spring arrives, we get invigorated with a breath of fresh energy. Why not introduce a bit of this shine into your home? Here are six ideas to help you out.

1.      Rearrange Furniture

In an ideal world, you would have enough money to redecorate your home every season. Alas, this is not a realistic scenario, which is why you need to learn how to make magic happen with what you’ve got. Luckily, similar effect can be achieved by simply moving some of your furniture pieces about. Changing the layout sometimes gives the same impression as purchasing a new furniture piece.

2.      Spring Cleaning

One of the things spring gets commonly associated with is the great annual cleaning session that sometimes takes up to 8 hours’ strait. It consists of chores you don’t do during the regular cleaning, such as vacuuming and wiping walls and ceilings. At this time, you are also expected to wash mirrors, rinse the floors, as well as wipe your lightbulbs clean. In order to make this atrocious task a bit more fun, make sure to include other inhabitants and make this a family bonding event.

3.      Let the Sunshine In

When the spring finally arrives, you won’t have to rely that much on the artificial lighting. The days will become longer which means that you can count on more hours of daylight than before. This is extremely beneficial for your mental health, but for your productivity as well. Still, getting woken up by the intensive sunlight a morning after a wild party may not exactly be your idea of fun. Because of this, you need to make sure your blinds are ready for the occasion. According to the esteemed blinds Perth based suppliers, if there are any holes or cracks in your blinds, the early spring is the ideal time to change or fix them.

4.      New Scents

Another association of spring is the scent of nature getting awoken from a long winter slumber. Instead of wasting money on air fresheners, why not introduce a bit of this natural fragrance inside of your home. Get a nice vase and once a day fill it with fresh flowers. The safest choices here would be to go with classics like tulips, hydrangeas or spray roses, but you can also think a bit outside of the box and go with anemones. The choice is all yours.

5.      Table Dressing

Buying a new table just because a new season arrived may seem a bit excessive, but purchasing a new dressing is a different thing. Still, seeing how this layer of decorative cloth is its only visible part, you can easily forget about what hides underneath. In order to stick with the theme, you can go with floral motifs. Another idea would be to add an interesting centerpiece, which is, more or less, what we already discussed in the ‘new scents’ section.

6.      Spring DIY

Finally, if you are crafty enough, you probably won’t have to spend a dime for this spring decoration. There are so many great DIY ideas for your home. For literally just few bucks of materials and some basic tools, you can make incredible hanging planters, bird feeders and wall monograms on your own. In most cases, these items will require nothing more than items you already have lying around gathering dust. Only sky is the limit.


As you can see, the change that spring introduces is an intrinsic one more than anything else. It all depends on your motivation to see this change true. In a way, it seems a bit karmic that you should spend this spring energy in order to transform your home’s interior into a shrine of the spring. While it may seem as a lot of work, it is definitely more than worth your while.

Author Bio: Steven Clarke is a DIY enthusiast, interested in home improvement, design and new technologies. When not working on new projects, he likes to spend his time in the great outdoors.


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