10 Tips on Buying a New Mattress

New Mattress buying tips
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Picking a right mattress is a serious shopping venture. Mattress is the most important type of bed as it is the only thing that makes it comfortable. More than often people will tell you that it’s not such a big deal or that you should pick the first one that you come across, but they’re wrong.

Once you buy a mattress you will use it for a very long period of time and it is imperative that you choose the one that best fits your needs.

How to know if you should buy a new mattress:

  •    You notice that your old mattress is deformed
  •    You wake up tired and you sense pain in your back, shoulders or muscles
  •    Your mattress is making funny noises
  •    You’d rather sleep on the floor than in your own bed
  1. What kind of a sleeper are you

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People sleep in different positions. Three main sleeping positions are sleeping on your back, on your side or on your stomach. You should always take into account how you sleep before you buy a mattress. For the back sleepers, the best option is a mattress that is hard enough to support your back.

Avoid soft mattresses as they have a tendency to deform over time in the area of your posterior (since that is the center of your body mass) making a denture in the mattress which can, over time, be very stressful for your back. As for the side sleepers among you, try finding a soft mattress that can adjust itself according to your body curvature.

  1. Check your budget

It is very important to know how much money you can spend on a brand new mattress. Don’t pick something that can put a serious stress on your wallet. On the other hand, buying a right one is imperative since you will be stuck with it for a longer period of time. You don’t buy mattresses every day so make this one time count.

Additionally, make sure to spend that extra dime if you have problems with your spine or muscles. A good night’s sleep can make all the difference the next day.

  1. See what kind of mattresses you had

New Mattress happiness and freedom

Were you happy with your old mattress? Then make sure to buy the same one or the one that’s similar to it. Your past experience is very important while picking out a right mattress because over time your body adjusts to a mattress that you’re sleeping on. Similarly, if you had trouble with your old mattress, buy another one that could serve you best.

  1. Be aware of different types of mattresses

Not all mattresses are the same. Spring mattresses are mattresses filled with metal coils that provide your body with amortization while you sleep.  They are advised for people who sleep on the back as they are hard and good for keeping your spine in shape.

The downside is that they are not that durable and deform over time. Memory foam mattresses are good for people who sleep on their sides as they adjust to your natural body shape and keep your backbone in place. However, they are made out of polyurethane making them highly flammable and bad for people with respiratory problems.

Somewhere in the middle are latex mattresses. Made out of natural rubber they don‘t harm your health and are very hard and durable.

  1. Consult your partner

If you are sharing your bed with your partner or a spouse, take into account their needs too. After all, you are sharing the same bed and you should both enjoy it equally. See what she or he needs and try to make a compromise while buying a new mattress. Your partner will be happy and you will both enjoy your own little piece of heaven.

  1. Consult the shopkeepers

New Mattress negotiation buying tips

Don’t be embarrassed to ask the shopkeeper to help you. After all, they are there to make your choice easier. Ask anything that comes to your mind, no matter how trivial or unnecessary it may sound. It’s your money, and more importantly your back that counts. Take as much time and ask as many questions and don’t feel obliged to buy it just because you spent so much time inquiring.

  1. Test the mattress

Yes, it does sound a little bit awkward, but it is absolutely necessary. When in the shop, lie down for a bit and see how it fits. A serious merchant that respects you as a customer won’t have any problems with that, on the contrary, they will encourage it because a happy customer means more customers. Anyway, all those mattresses that are lying around are there for testing.

  1. Try online shopping

Certain types of mattresses don’t show their true face on the first use. The top innerspring mattresses on the market, for example, can take up to a week of testing before you are sure that they are a right choice for you. You should try online retailers because some of them offer up to a 100 day trial period after which you can return it if you’re not happy, no questions asked.

  1. Be aware of tricks and gimmicks

Many times you’ll come across a mattress that’s claimed to be orthopedic, anatomic or physician approved. The reality is that those claims are often untested and are employed to cheat customers out of their money.  The most important advice is the one your doctor gives you, so always trust your physician rather then claims written on the back of mattress.

  1. Shop only in specialized stores

Always choose specialized stores as they have the largest assortment of goods. It is much easier to find what you need in a store that’s specialized than a store that has a little bit of everything but ultimately nothing useful.

Specialized stores also have better employees that can offer educated advice rather than educated guess. You wouldn’t buy a medicine at a thrift store now, would you? Same goes for the mattresses. Think, thin again, and then think some more before you buy a mattress that will support your back.

This post is contributed by Jenna Jamieson from Mattressify.com


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