Concreter – Backbone of Construction Business

Concreter shaking hands with man

Construction of any structure or building involves lots of hard work. Concreter plays one of the most crucial roles in the construction project. A concreter is a person who has to mix cement with other materials like gravel, sand and water and then has to pour the material on steel reinforcement. All of these need to be in perfect proportion so that the end results can be good. They are mainly involved in mixing, laying, spreading, compacting, and finishing concrete for building and construction purpose.

Basic Skills And Qualification Required:

  • He must be physically fit and must have very good stamina to carry out this task.
  • The professional need to be fully aware about the application and durability of the concrete.
  •  He must be willing to work outdoors for long hours. He must have an eye for detail and must be very accurate in his work.
  • He must know how to be conscious and must take all the safety precautions while carrying out any tasks.
  • In many countries there are a lot of professional courses and trainings required for becoming a concrete.
  • The courses are designed in such a way that after the completion of the course, one can easily takes up both commercial and residential projects.
  • At times one may get on the job training and become a skilled professional in preparing the concrete. One can work as an apprentice for a period of 2 years and get all the required training. They may also be required to undergo safety induction training.

Concreter man reading blueprints

What Are The Basic Functions Of Concreter?

The professionals mix, spread, lay, compact and finish concrete for building and construction work. They have to then pour this concrete on steel reinforcement. They then need to move it into proper position with the help of a pump. They then have to prepare and move boxing or formwork. After pouring the concrete they also have to make sure that they do leveling and then they need to seal it. They can also be involved in specialized activities like creation of decorative surfaces, spraying concrete on walls that need rendering etc.

Should Know Detailed Process

He must have good understanding about the different types of concrete. He must also have good knowledge about the materials that are needed to make various types of concrete. Ideally, they must know how to use shovels, edging tools, trowels etc. They must also know how to operate concrete mixers, concrete pumps, etc.

Any Safety Measures Those Are Required In This Job?

The concreter will need to wear protective clothing like steel capped gumboots, gloves etc. He will have to make sure that he carries out the different functions cautiously. Salary of these professionals depends on the company that you are working on and it will depend on the experience. Good companies, good skills and better experience will surely help you get more money.

If you think you have it in you to work for long hours on a construction site, then this can be the right job for you. If you develop certain skills and love to work hard then there are a lot of opportunities out there. You only need to be willing to put in your best efforts and must have the right approach. However, make sure that you take professional help and get the best exposure in this field. Be willing to learn because you will not get everything right in the first place and it is a trial and error process. So keep the above mentioned things in mind and make an informed decision.


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