6 Ideas to Inspire Your Nautical Theme Wedding

Wedding outdoor themed

Oceanside and beachside weddings are famous for one reason- the breezy, blue, and breathtaking scene that is sure to make the event a spectacular one. There is so much to love about the sea or beachside, from the natural beauty, fresh breeze, history, water activities to a lot more, a gathering at such a location is a great choice for couples.

Aside from the breathtaking details of the venue, what makes such a wedding a classic choice is a delicious seafood. Are you planning a seaside soiree this season? From themed decors, invitations, to seafaring elements, when you hire wedding decorators in Atlanta, here are some ideas to help and inspire your nautical theme wedding!

Wedding theme red invitation

1.     Customized Invitation Cards

Once you decide your venue, inform your guests about the event by adding a seaside-customized theme to your indian wedding cards. This could be an anchor logo or any motif to show the event has a nautical theme. You could also add a rope tied in a sailor’s knot, a helm (steering wheel of a ship), or add a small lighthouse on the card. If your wedding will involve some traveling, you can consider adding some local-specific detail, like the hotel suggestions, transportation, activities, restaurants and more details.

2.     Waterside Reception

Not all decorators can help by bringing in the classic Mother Nature’s breathtaking scenery to your event. The best thing is to consult experts, such as Let’s Celebrate Events who can roll with the surrounding and make sure that your event takes the center stage. You should opt for a color theme that compliments the sandy shoreline, grassy environment, or blue waters. If you decide to have an open-air environment, it is always a good idea to think of a backup plan, in case the weather does not go as it should. Ask your wedding decorators in Atlanta to arrange a tent option or some sort of covering as a standby.

Wedding nautical beach theme

3.     “Beach Vibe” Table Settings

A tip for you is to dress your table with classic elements like sea glass, marquee style anchors, seashells, driftwood, or starfish. You can round your table with wooden charger plates, add neutral colored napkins, and anchor style holder.  For centerpieces, go for small and pretty flowers that would not block the views. You can also get crafty with your table floral arrangements and add sand-filled bottles or beach grass to your vase for an authentic beach-vibe.

Wedding bride and groom kissing

4.     Beachside Wear for the Bride and Groom

You can go for a bohemian dress to keep things breezy and light. If you want to a ball gown, opt for an A-line style without straps. Something loose and casual makes the overall look more beach like. For the groom, a suit works as the best choice in terms of comfort and style. Go for a linen suit and if you want extra flair, you can add a seersucker pocket square with a boutonniere.

Wedding themed food

5.     Seafood is a “Must”

Would any nautical theme wedding be complete without some scrumptious seafood? You can have some crab cakes; lobsters rolls, and have spicy seasonings, which tend to approve the whole idea of a seaside wedding. You can also talk to your wedding reception decorators to adorn the appetizers with tiny pirate style flags.

Wedding nautical cake theme

6.     Wedding Cake and Décor Details

Celebrate your wedding day with simple cakes adorned with anchor fondant in the middle, or have a tied knot. If you want a sailor or beach style cake, you can ask your cake decorators to create a scene of waves with ombre ruffles or create a serene beach scene. Have your decorators set balloons, beach style lightings and any detail that will transform the venue.

Having the wedding of your dreams is not difficult. All you have to do is talk to your decorators, share your ideas with them, and work with them at every step to ensure you have the perfect nautical wedding.


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