Feeling Hot: Essential Buys For Summer

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Can’t wait for summer? Neither can we as everyone’s happier, the days are brighter, longer, and so much hotter and life  seems, well, sunnier! Whether you’re jetting off for two weeks of utter bliss under cloudless blue skies, or simply headed down to the local surf you can’t start a beach party without these summer accessories.

Waterproof Speakers

The thing about beaches is that they’re kind of noisy places so simply having your phone on high volume just isn’t going to be good enough. Why not invest in some portable Bluetooth waterproof speakers? That way you don’t have to make sure you’re bone dry before turning them on, and everyone can enjoy the sweet tunes. Most speakers come with built-in microphones, an eight, to twelve-hour battery life and can be connected to your phone so you can take calls and hear text messages all without getting off your sun lounger.

Chill Cooler

There’s a massive queue for drinks and snacks at the beach bar that stretches back towards the rocks, but that’s A-Ok because you brought a picnic cooler. Cool boxes like these fab funky Chillco coolers are ideal for storing drinks, snacks, and perishable foods as well as coming in various sizes, from a mere 30 litres, perfect for romantic beachside lunches, all the way up to a whopping 800 litres that’ll cater for even the busiest Fourth Of July party!

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Sunscreen Spray

It’s vital that you wear sunscreen in summer as it’s often when the sun’s rays are at their highest. Avoid being outside in the heat of the day, between 12 -1 pm and always make sure you carry a hat and sunglasses. The best sun protection are those that have an SPF of 35 or higher, and block your skin from being damaged by both UVA and UVB rays. Remember, not all sunblock is water soluble, so if you’ve been swimming recently, you’ll need to apply another layer.

Summer essentials tillow beach water

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A Tillow

You’ve finally found a semi-private space on the beach and are looking forward to chilling out when someone says the cushions are missing! While beach towels are great for lying on, they’re quite thin and provide you with little protection from any sharp rocks or stony pebbles. Towels are also not designed to go under your head, yet many of us valiantly roll them up to act as makeshift pillows. Instead of huffing because you just can’t get comfortable just buy a Tillow, these are towels that come with built-in Tempur style pads that are just the right size and shape for lounging on.

Portable Safe

Short of carrying a fanny pack with you everywhere you go when it comes to keeping your valuables secure on holiday it’s usually either the hotel safe or nothing. Don’t risk losing your currency, passport, keys, license or wallet by leaving them under a towel while you go for a swim as you never know who’s watching! Instead, use a portable safe that clips onto most deck chairs and outdoor furniture and features high-grade slash resistant plastic, a programmable security combo lock as well as the ability to tell you what’s inside without the safe being opened.

Summer lotion and sunscreen

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