Make the prom night stylish with a personal chauffeur

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Prom Night

The prom or the promenade dance is the cultural cornerstone of American high school education. Though it is practiced in many other places such as Ireland, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, it has been highly publicized in today’s media. This function is organized to mark a somewhat coming-of-age program, in which high school students primarily attend with men in tuxedos and women in corsages. This function signifies the coming-of-age and is deemed as the first adult social event in which people actively take part. It is the first opportunity to take the car out in the night as an adult. It involves various cultural events such as the ball, selection of the prom king and queen and other such awards. Awards such as Prom King, Queen and other members of the prom court are given as per the popularity in the school due to the active part played in sports or clubs. Such function is highly documented and thus showing yourself to the very best is deemed essentially. Now just imagine a car that drives into the school. Waiting on seeing your familiar face, your friends see a guy in a black suit stepping out of the driver’s helm. He moves to the back and opens up the backseat door. And then, you step out with your date. For such a public event, this ‘smooth’ move, in no doubt, will earn you those valued popularity points. Such chauffeur cars can be hired easily with a few simple clicks.

There are certain requirements to be expected of a chauffeur. These points, if overlooked, will turn any pride moment into a nightmare.  These must be on your checklist while you hire a chauffeured car:

  • A Background check must be made into the driver’s history for any criminal record
  • A valid driving license: now depending upon the state chauffeurs might be expected to have a standard Commercial Driving Licence (CDL) or a specialized Chauffeur’s Licence.
  • Necessary accreditation and qualification as per the state as some states have specific training courses for chauffeurs and other additional requirements and standards such as a minimum age, a clean driving record for a certain amount of time or passage in a defensive driving course.
  • Sound knowledge of cars so as to perform emergency repairs such as changing a tire.
  • Sound knowledge of roads and possible traffic encounter is necessary because the chauffeur is expected to navigate through the most efficient routes. A sound knowledge of city’s road aids in that purpose.
  • Clarify with the chauffeur about the payments as certain chauffeurs pay for their own fuel while some expect their hired chauffeur cars expect the clients to bear that expense.

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Chauffeur Cars

In addition to these, a good chauffeur will always exhibit the following traits:

  • A very professional outlook with excellent personal care
  • Quickly adjusting to flexible working hours
  • Cool and calm attitude
  • Expert knowledge of the area
  • Responsible for proper time management
  • Excellent defensive driving skills

There are distinct benefits of having a chauffeur such as:

  • Certain medical conditions like epilepsy might forbid you to drive. Hiring a chauffeur car might be good option.
  • If you are unknown to a certain place, the chauffeur’s expertise on the area might come in handy.
  • No worries regarding finding a parking spot. A chauffeur always knows where to find one.
  • While on vacations, having a chauffeur car can leave you to enjoy the view or simply rest.
  • Having a chauffeur increases the safety for the car
  • A chauffeur is expected to have a decent knowledge of the car. This means that sudden road snags such as leaked tires can be ably handled.

Thus, on enumerating the number of benefits of hiring a chauffeur cars, it’s always wise to hire one.


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