Buying Tips of Quick Connect Couplings

quick connect couplings

The quick connect couplings are used for efficient and fast connection and disconnection of different types of supply lines for liquids. They are manufactured for a wide range of different types of hydraulic applications. These couplings are used in different types of heavy industries which includes oil refineries, steel mills, chemical and others. It is also very important to make sure that investment is made on the right kind of coupling.

In the following section of this article you will be offered a couple of useful tips on how to buy quick connect couplings along with some other interesting facts related to this device.

Things to Consider While Buying Quick Connect Couplings:

In certain industries, the quick connect couplings are essential elements, therefore it is very important to make sure that the right kind of device is being selected. Here are a couple of useful tips which can prove to be helpful while buying quick connect couplings:

  • Flow: When it comes to buying quick connect couplings, it is very important to consider the system flow rate. While considering the size of the coupling and the internal valving, the system designers must look to minimize theflow in order to avoid the system inefficiencies.
  • Pressure: All the components on which quick couplings are used get affected by the impact of pressure. Improper application of pressure can cause a disastrous situation. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that couplings with the right kind of pressure are being selected.
  • Spillage and Air Inclusion: Air inclusion is the process when small amount of air gets into the system when the couplings are being connected. It only happens in the case of the couplings which get closed at the interface, prior opening the valves. Leakage and spillage should never be confused as spillage is the lost of small amount of fluid when the coupling is being disconnected.

Couplings quick connect silver

  • Environment: There are certain environmental factors which affect the couplings. Besides, the conditions in which they are being used also affect them. When it comes to the outdoor couplings, they should be resistant to weather. If any coupling is to be used in environment where it is likely to be affected by dust, in that case, go for the ones which have no moving parts as they are less affected by dirt, compared to the ones which has movable sleeves. Moreover, it is advisable to use dust plug when the coupling is disconnected in order to avoid any type of contamination.
  • Location: The location is another important aspect which needs to be taken into consideration while selecting. For example, for couplings which are to be used on pipes, zero pressure type would be the perfect choice. The reason being, it requires a single hand to operate this couplings. For the couplings which are situated at edge of any loose hose, most styles would be appropriate.
  • Sizing: The size of a quick connect coupling is determined by the size of its connection. That is, the size is being determined by the pipe or hose fitting with which it has been connected to. The body size also plays a very important role. The size of the body is determined by the flow of air. The rate of flow is not that critical when the coupling is used along with dusting devices.

The quick connect couplings have a wide range of different types of uses. They are used in different industrial sectors over variety of different applications. However, to get the best out of them, the right one should be selected.


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