Sleep on the Edge of the World and Feel Nature’s Power in These 10 Breathtaking Places in Europe

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Yes, it’s nice to visit a beautiful place by day. But, you can agree with us that to have a deeper connection with it, to really understand it and witness the most unfamiliar about it, it’s hard to beat the sleeping out within the landscape, especially in a hammock.

So who else wants to spend a night out in nature?

Thank you. Pack your hammock ready to go wild in these 10 wonderful, night-friendly places across Europe that will accommodate you through the night.

And it’s not just the sleep, there’s something special about each of them. Find out next.

Pepercombe Valley, North Devon

The beautiful walk down to Peppercombe valley has a brilliant feeling of the secret to it. It begins from Horn Cross meandering down a steep pathway engulfed by tranquil woodland.

An impression of peace and isolation comes in and you can listen to the tender trickling of the stream from a distance, along with the sound of fowls singing their tune. In the midst of this green woodland, there’s an assorted scope of blooms and untamed life to be valued.

After the best track of the mile, the forest ends and out of the blue opens out onto a glade. Wandering over the glade you stroll through an entryway and down a natural pathway, encased with a shelter of trees that drives you to the peaceful shoreline of Peppercombe.

Picturesque red cliffs surround the rocky beach which is conspicuous for miles around the stream going through the forested areas and closing in at a small waterfall that cascades into the shoreline.

When the tide is out, it uncovers a sandy shoreline and is sprinkled with intriguing rock pools. Angling is great at low tide. The special shoreline is the world far from the burdens and strains of cutting edge society.

The invigorating walk offers the chance to encounter the magnificence of nature while creating sentiments of isolation and tranquility. There are awesome places to spend a night. Look above you for any overhangs and jump into your hammock and view the sunset over the red cliffs.

Rocamadour – Lot

Breathtaking Places in Europe stacked cliff housesSource:

The place itself is shocking. Situated halfway up a cliff overlooking the Alzou stream, the stunning view of Rocamadour is difficult to beat. A day won’t be enough to enjoy the surrounding and the activities within, so it’s a must sleep destination.

The buildings blend in with the vertical stone ridges showing off the marvelous beauty of its mystical sanctuaries where the Black Madonna has had influence for over 1,000 years.

How do you get there?

The walk literally starts and ends in Rocamadour. That’s the perfect excuse to visit the site. This walk is also significant because it happens to be in Causses du Quercy regional nature park, perfect for hiking with Rocamadour being in the park’s territory.

Following the banks of the Alzou and then climbing up onto the Causse will give you an intimate experience of the countryside that best aggregates the character of the park. Canyons, cliffs and swallow holes are the natural phenomena that you’ll see from up close.

When night falls, the woody environment on the Causses du Quercy will offer a place to sleep in a hammock. It’s a great place to camp; in fact, there are over 44 campsites in Quercy.

Our choice is the Domaine du Sergie at the heart of the countryside between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. After you are exhausted from their evening entertaining show, crawl to your hammock for a restful night.

Camping Milin Kerhe, France

Breathtaking Places in Europe river channel


This site borders the River Trieux and is completely surrounded by woodland. There are countless activities that you can do while camping at this wonderful place in France

The River Trieux is popular to kayaking and canoeing with many weirs perfect for water shoots. This is the best way to explore the river and see its wildlife. You are also allowed to fish for brown trout and salmon.

You can also try their old riveted rowing boat which is over 100 years old. It sits up to 5 persons and that can turn out to be a great adventure if you travel with friends. In the course of the day, join a group for tree climbing lessons by a professional tree climber.

The Trans-Brittany GR-341 hiking route goes through this location offering you the option to take a walk along the river bank.

The combination of the river and woodland denotes that the Trieux valley offers a perfect setting for nature viewing. Find a spot to hang a hammock and enjoy watching kingfishers, trout and salmon jumping.

At dawn, barn and tawny oil calls echo around the campsite. But there’s nothing to be scared about, just prepare your hammock for sleep and you’ll have a good night.

Galloway Forest, Scotland

Breathtaking Places in Europe pond on the plains


The Galloway Forest Park was the first place in the UK to be designated a Dark Sky Reserve. The park’s distance from light pollution makes it a perfect destination for stargazing, the number one reason to tour the uplands and sleep under the stars.

Once the sun sets on the rugged wilderness, the inky blue sky becomes the darkest sky in the entire of Europe. The dark skies allow us to view the broad expanse of the universe from our planet. (

Home to dramatic ancient forests, stunning scenery and a variety of wildlife, the park is perfect for almost everyone. Whether trekking through the forest, fishing, cycling or just chilling in the tearooms, Galloway Forest Park has a lot to explore. In fact, if you’d like to review some of the best road and mountain bikes you may need, you may want to visit a site such as Cycle with Me to get some ideas and feedback on which models to choose for your activity!

Head to the woods where the birds of prey patrol, find the perfect spot for your hammock and you could enjoy the views of the stars as they come out to play.

Ennerdale Valley, Lake District

Breathtaking Places in Europe mountain lake


The most western part of the Lake District, Ennerdale valley, is the most remote thus perfect for a getaway. A great part of the land is possessed by the Forestry Commission, and this has prompted the expansive scale planting of conifers.

Human intercession is insignificant, yet herds of local dark Galloway cows help to munch the site. The slopping landscape of the Lake District encompasses the valley on all sides.

Backwoods tracks crisscross over the valley which accommodates hiking and mountain biking. Some give dramatic perspectives of the Lake District Mountains including Great Gable and in addition the valleys of Wasdale and Buttermere.

Some conifer manors in the valley have been diminished to take into consideration a more prominent blend of woodland territories. Dew-dropped blooms represent the flourishing common habitat.

Spend a wild night out in the woods and wake up to the morning sunlight that peeks through the trees, highlighting the unreasonable normal vegetation of the forest.

Camping Les Domes De Miage, Alps

Breathtaking Places in Europe log cabin on grass


Camping in the Alps offers more than only a standard outdoor occasion. It’s an all about ordeal. There are very few sites that can rival the Camping Les Domes De Miage for views.

Situated 900m high in the Haute-Savoie locale of the southeast of France, the site gloats unparalleled stunning vistas of the great Mont Blanc, and encompassing Rhone-Alps. It’s a site of upbeat contrasts; sprawling, yet remote, wild yet all around oversaw.

This site keeps a strategic distance from the large holiday parks and extensive scale outdoor chains. Setting up your portable shelter among the mountains, taking in the fresh snow capped air and getting a charge out of the most breathtaking views in Europe can’t be underestimated.

Cala Llevado, Costa Brava

Breathtaking Places in Europe view of sea


This site is colossal however a few spots are so separated. There is lots of space in addition to loads of campers, yet setting up your hammock in the cozy bluff embracing forest will make you feel as though the view of the Med is there for only you.

There’s a feeling of isolation and is all down to the setting; a heavenly territory on an inclining slope hung in the oaks and pine. On the seafront, mammoth walls of stripes red rock alternate with four beaches, all waiting for close assessment.

Away from being crowded, these sandy beaches are more similar to mystery pirate inlets, hidden between the rocks and practically imperceptible until your toes are really twiddling in their perfect sands.

A view onto one of these wonderful beaches ought to be a priority when you’re pondering where the best place to hang your hammock is. You’ll discover everyone heads to the untainted beachfront plots.

The best plots are above the Cala Llevado, there are shady pine trees overlooking the bay. Once you set up your shelter, watch the setting sun wash the far-off blue horizon in astonishing reds and oranges then sleep to the cool breeze from the sea.

Balcon De Pitres, Granada

Breathtaking Places in Europe stacked white houses


Clutch your lunch. The turning street to Balcon de Pitres is stomach twisting, yet rest guaranteed. The temporary distress ought to give you a couple clues about the eye-popping views that lie in wait atop La Alpujarra Mountains on the southern inclines of the Sierra Nevada.

There are 175 lush plots, a significant number of them covered in wild blossoms and shaded by a dense canopy of trees. This offers a decent opportunity to set up your hammock on mountain-view site.

Furthermore, what a view? It extends over 180 degrees overlooking the Orgiva valley towards the Contraviesa mountain range. The location’s commendable southern orientation ensures that you appreciate the evening sun to the fullest.

The town of Balcon de Pitres, only 10 minutes’ walk away, has the little level roofed white manors that you see everywhere throughout the zone.

An abundance of plant species has been discovered in this locale in the recent years leading to its designation as a nature reserve, a national park and Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

If you fancy exploring the area take the 2-mile Pitres to Ferreirola walk. It navigates the dazzling Bermejo stream and goes through the little towns of Mecinilla, Mecina and Fondales.

Trellyn Woodland, Pembrokeshire

Breathtaking Places in Europe hills and houses


Trellyn is a mysterious place. It’s quite and remote; a concealed woodland play area. And it’s because of two things; space and trees.

Situated in a practical sea-side location, Trellyn is a perfect place to explore the attractions of Pembrokeshire; stunning beaches, coves and cliff walks. Abercastle beach, with its low-tide sand and rockpools is just 100m from the campground.

Keeping in mind there’s a bounty to do in the zone, the best night is to be had back around the pit fire, in your own extraordinary, hand-crafted outdoors clearing.

Trellyn extends to only five outdoor pitches across over 16 acres of Pembrokeshire woodland.

Cairngorms National Park, Scotland

Breathtaking Places in Europe mountain snow caps


With an uncommon untamed life, a scene formed by the ice ages, the lochs, peaty waterways, and old woodlands, the Cairngorms National Park is the place to get away from it all.

The Cairngorm landscape is the most elevated, coldest and snowiest level in the UK. In the warmth of summer, you can observe snow fixes up here while in winter it’s a position of savage magnificence.

Tourism is a fundamental part of the national park.             The wildlife that calls this home have adapted to the unforgiving conditions – mountain hares, golden eagles, ptarmigan, wildcats, and capercaillie all find shelter here in the midst of the winter snows.

You’ll discover a lot of smashing waterfalls, tossing streams and shrouded lochs. Loch an Eilein is especially a gem of a loch with a thirteenth-century castle on the island. It was voted the Britain’s Best Picnic Spot.

The centuries-old forest around the award-winning spot will be the perfect place to sleep in a tranquil surrounding.


We hope these places will be awe-inspiring and fun to you. Let us know your success stories and share with us some other great places where you and your family can spend a night in comfortable camping hammocks.

As always, remember the simple rules of hammock camping wherever you go. Bliss.


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