Drain Relining Can Be an Effective Solution to Leak Problems

Drain Relining debris coming out of pipe

The drainage system consists of several pipes that are installed underneath your property. They can be located under some of the most valued landscape, including walkways or gardens or other parts of your home. This means, if there is a sewer leakage then you would probably have to dig-up the landscape so that it can be repaired and starts working the way it should.

But, such a situation will never arise when you opt for drain relining. Known to be an ultimate solution to stop leak problems in pipes, relining is the process of installing a new line of drain pipes (made from high-quality advance materials) onto an existing pipe so as to rehabilitate it and expand its lifespan. It is indeed a long-term solution to get rid of the leaks, blockages or other common drain problems that often occur in your plumbing system.

When to undertake Drain Relining?

You should consider relining the pipes of the drain when

  • Bad odor is emitted from the drainage system into your homes
  • There is standing water at different areas and
  • The pipes start leaking often

These damages must be fixed at once, as they can trigger serious hazards that would affect the overall performance of the system.

With the use of drain relining, plumbers tend to insert specially designed pipes into the system. And once the tube is at its place, they inflate it until it fits perfectly to the walls of the previous drain’s pipes. The exterior side of the tube is coated using resin and this ensures that the new pipe adheres to it. When done, the relining offers excellent seal that can turn out to be quite durable. This is how it not only sustains the quality but at the same time preserves its lifespan.

Drain Relining hands on pvc drain pipe

What Are the Advantages of Drain Relining?

There are several advantages of going for drain relining service and some of these include

  • Saves expenditure: Replacing the underground pipes or sewage systems in not such an easy task, as the entire trench has to be dug out and then a new system replaces it. This requires tons of materials, labor, time and not to forget the landscaping costs that can turn out be a an expensive nightmare for homeowners.
  • Easy to install: Besides being affordable, relining is relatively easier to do. This is because only a single hole is dug that is about a square meter. This does not require any sort of complicated trenching equipment or other tools that might be essential if you had to replace the entire system.
  • Warranty: The pipes that are used for the purpose of relining often come with a warranty period of almost 10 to 15 years, depending upon the type of pipes you plan to install. This means you will no longer have to worry about the plumbing system of the house for many years to come.
  • Does not interrupt daily operations: Relining creates only a small hole, as a result of which your day-to-day activities are never affected in anyway. You can still have morning walk in the garden, or use the walkway without any sort of complications.

So, next time when your drain starts leaking again then never forget to consider relining the system. This investment will always be worth it!


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