What Are the Various Kinds Of Heating And Cooling Systems?

Heating And Cooling Systems couple with remote

Air conditioning or cooling systems use energy to remove the heat. There are various types of air conditioning systems but the common ones use a compressor cycle that transfers the heat or cold indoors or outdoors.

The compressor outside the property is filled with refrigerant – it is a fluid that changes from gaseous to a liquid state and vice versa. When it changes from one stage to the other, it either releases or absorbs heat and that is how heat is carried from one place to the other.

Kinds of cooling systems

Central air conditioners cool the entire house. There is a large compressor that is outside and is filled with a coil which has refrigerant that cools and distributes the cooled air all through the house through ducts. Heat pumps are the same and it heats the indoors during winters using the same duct system.

The room air conditioners are either:

The window air conditioning as the name suggests which need to be placed on window sills or through walls. The mechanism is on the outside of the property. Usually, these are cheaper but they make more noise than the split air conditioning systems. The split air conditioner consists of 2 components. There is one component which is placed outside the house and the other is placed in the room. This is more advantageous as compared to the window air conditioning as this is not as noisy; it does not require a window and can be placed on the wall. However, these are more expensive than the window air conditioners.

  • The mini split air conditioners which are ductless are flexible and each zone or room can be cooled to different temperatures.
  • There are evaporative coolers that are good in dry areas. These pull fresh air through moist pads and the air gets cooled due to evaporation.

There are also different heating systems and they are

  • Furnaces provide heating through ducts and they deliver the warm air through grills or registers. This can be run on electricity, fuel oil or natural gas.
  • Boilers are water heaters that have special uses. These distribute heat in the form of hot water which as it passes through the radiators and the other devices in the rooms, gives off the heat. The cool water then returns to the boiler where it is reheated. These are known as hydronic systems and these use natural gas or heating oil as fuel, delivered by home heating oil delivery companies such as romeosfuel.com. There are also steam boilers where the steam is carried throughout the house rather than the hot water. These however are not very common in modern times.

Heating And Cooling Systems remote control

  • There are heat pumps which works the reverse way the air conditioner works. IT takes heat from the cold outdoors and discharges it indoors. These heat pumps are of two types. The Geothermal ones where the heat is procured from underground and these are very efficient. The other kind is the air source heat pump.
  • There are also gas fired space heaters that are wall mounted and free standing and also the floor furnaces. Electric space heaters are quartz infrared or oil filled heaters. These convert electricity to heat like a toaster does.

The pellet stoves or wood burning furnaces are used to heat the room well. However, these pollute the air.

There is new state of the art heating which includes radiant floor heat systems where warm water is circulated under the floor. There are ductless heat pumps which are used to distribute energy and a combination of heat and power as well. So when considering the air conditioning system make sure that you consider the above mentioned aspects.


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