Choosing the Perfect Colors for Your Teenager’s Bedroom

Teenager's Bedroom space wall decor

By the time your little princess grows into a teenager, she usually already has a unique taste in visual arts, music, favorite colors or preferable style of decorating. Besides that, it seems like she doesn’t want to spend her days anymore in that childish looking room full of sweet fairy details. These great changes are totally understandable. Your sweet girl is growing into a young adult and her world is slowly changing. With some help and guidance from you, by choosing a bedroom color scheme for her room, your teen can be a little designer and creator of her own personal space. But first, let’s answer some questions in order to collect as much input as we can.

Room, the extension of personality

Teenager's Bedroom dorm furniture layout

Always have in mind that your teenager’s bedroom is basically an extension of her unique personality. Knowing that, in order to pick a right color for her bedroom, you can ask yourself following questions. Is your daughter very feminine or ‘girly’? Does she like classics and antiques more than a contemporary art and design?  Ask her about her favorite colors and design patterns and remember that even color combinations that seem unusual or eccentric can work quite nice together.

Also, some girls are mature beyond their age, so instead of choosing cotton-candy pink, for example, you can consider gold or deep red. In case she prefers a glamorous look, maybe some shade of purple will be the best for her bedroom. Even black color can be used in all sort of different ways to create a sophisticated and beautiful look. Of course, some teens still like all shades of pink, so consider mixing it with sunny yellow or soft green color to get that dreamy and romantic feel. Orange is also popular among girls and it can be mixed with bright blue, for example. The possibilities are endless, and it only depends on your girl’s unique personality and taste.

Colors and room’s accessories

Teenager's Bedroom cubby holes and space savers

Another great way to choose a perfect color for your teen’s bedroom is by looking at room’s accessories. For example, you can choose the color by mixing it with decorative rugs or, even better, you can buy rugs and then choose a color for the room. A rug provides a foundation for every room, helps protect the floor and provides comfort. However, it can also be used as a focal point, so you can easily pick your wall color from it. There are plenty of different styles of rugs on the market, traditional ones and modern, structured and free-form rugs, and plenty of different colors, too.

Or, you can pick a color by mixing it with room’s furniture. For example, black or brown furniture can be mixed with lime green walls. Fun-loving daughters may want to add some huge murals, geometric shapes, or silhouettes from nature like trees or flowers, so consider mixing them with bright colors. Or, if your girl loves black, you can always paint one wall of a room in black and keep others in bright colors.  It will be exciting and interesting because black can be a good anchor for brighter color in the room.

We hope that now you are now able to get some of the ideas on what color to pick for your teenage girl. It will definitely be easier if they already know what color they want. If not, you can always stick with more neutral colors such as white, beige or even soft gray. Neutral colors make room elegant, calming and distressing and your girl will love it. Keep in mind that possibilities are endless and always involve your teen in the process of choosing interior colors and accessories. After all, that room will be their small universe and you are here just to help them make that universe beautiful.


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