5 Ways To Restore Your Roof And Make Your House A Safer Place

Restore Your Roof house with roof

Your roof is your home’s shield against extreme weather, as well as the most important factor in stabilising inside temperature, so it is vital that you keep it in best shape throughout the year. Restoring the roof is a more cost-effective solution than ongoing repairs or replacing it altogether, as new technology in roofing materials makes it a notable option. Here are 5 ways you can restore your roof in order to make your house a safer habitat.

Know your roof

For starters, it is important know the makeup and state of your roof. Make sure to add quarterly inspections to your calendar. You need to know the materials that make up your roof, so that any future patching is consistent. During hot summer days, your roof and its shingles will expand, so make sure that the nails are in place, in order to prevent leaking. You can rent a nail gun, which comes along with a measurement guide, which can save you a lot of time. After rainy days, remove water from low spots, so the rest can evaporate quickly.

Repair your roof’s sheathing

The first course of action in restoring your roof is to lay down a new base. The standard makeup of the sheathing is 1/2-inch-thick plywood. You shouldplace the sheathing in a brick pattern to give it extra strength. Measure the roof’s opening beforehand, then cut the plywood and nail it down. Laying it in a brick pattern, from bottom to top, ensures that the middle section of the roof isn’t structurally unstable.

Cover your roof with felt paper

Place a 6-inch strip of felt paper at the bottom section, making sure to leave a 1-inch outlet on the eave so that the water drains into the gutters. Again, going from bottom to top, nail down the rest of the felt layers, leaving a 2-inch overlap.Additionally, add a strip of tar paper on top of each felt layer, to make sure that it holds tight.

Place the shingles

Mark the position of the shingles on the felt layer with chalk, then cover the base of the roof. Use about six nails per shingle, and make sure you nail down to the tar strip. Then just follow the chalk lines upward making a pyramid shape, working around the base that you have made afterwards. When repairing a damaged section of the roof, in order to ensure strength and give it a uniform look, you can install new shingles as a layer on top of the old ones.

Coat your roof with white paint

According to some of the best painters from Sydney, coating your roof with specifically tailored paint ensures that it remains stable and functional during all of the seasons. During hot summers, coating your roof in special UV blocking white paint ensures that the sunlight doesn’t affect your roof’s materials.This way you will maintain your roofsflexibility, allowing it to expand and contract during the day, and saving it from cracking, tearing and leaking. Since the protective white paint reflects the sunrays away, your roof absorbs the minimal amount of heat, so its temperature, as well as the inside of your home, remains colder. This slows down the aging of your roof, protecting it from becoming dry and fragile.

In summation

As opposed to ongoing roof repairs, restoring your roof is not a short-term solution. A well-maintained roof not only makes a great impression, being one of your house’s most visible elements, but is also insurance for the well-being of you and your family.

Author Bio: Steven Clarke is a DIY enthusiast, interested in home improvement, design, new technologies and he likes to put his ideas out there. When not working on new projects, he likes to spend his time in the great outdoors.


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