Electric Fireplace: Not Only Functional but Stylish!

Electric Fireplace flames coming from block

Electric fireplaces are more popular than ever today. There are many different factors that contribute to that. Many people are doing it for eco-friendly reasons. Some are choosing due to health reasons. Some cannot have a conventional wood fireplace. Some cannot care for a wood fireplace any more due to age, but they still want to enjoy one. Others prefer the option to be able to move their fireplace around if they so choose. They are a great option for any of those scenarios.

Store Displays Different Then Real Ones

Almost everyone has seen an electric fireplace in stores, but even if you get to see a live display most of them are exactly that. They are display’s, so you don’t get to truly see what one may look like when it is in your home. You also may be wondering how well it heats, well that may be hard to tell too, because displays don’t have the heat option or it is disabled for safety reasons.

Style and Design

You can buy an electric fireplace though just for looks if you choose. There are many that come with a heat setting but you can use the lighting without the heat setting. (Viagra) Many of the electric fireplaces do come with some great light settings as well. Some will utilize LED lighting which is longer lasting, more energy efficient and offers more lighting settings over other styles.

You also have style choices as well depending on your style needs. You have great options.

  • Corner wall combo fireplaces, meaning they are set up to use against the wall or in the corner.
  • Free standing, meaning it is designed to look great even if not put against a wall.
  • Portable, typically with wheels making it easier to move where ever you want to put it.
  • In wall install, they are inserted in a designated wall space.
  • Fireplace/TV stand combo which is a great option for those trying to save space or save on the amount of furniture they have. They come in many finishes so there is sure to be something that fits your needs.

Electric fireplaces also tend to be a safer option for those with pets and small children. In most cases the glass front will be cool to the touch, lowering the chance of burns. Always check features to see if the product states that. Many of these do come on wheels and if not most are still light enough to be moved if needed, even if help with a friend is needed. So, that is a great option as well if your needs change.

All About the Heat

Back to the heating factor, if you do decide you want to have the heat option. Remember, these can be great area heaters. They are not to be used as your sole heat source for your home. With that said some do put out more heat than others so they can warm a room better than others. While others will just take the chill out. How well the heat works can also depend on how that heater spreads the heat around. So, if the heater has fans, it will tend to heat more efficient than others.


If you are wondering how efficient the electric heaters are, you are not the only one. No worries though the new electric heaters are some of the most efficient on the market. What it will cost though will vary depending on settings and amount of time used. There are plenty out there to choose from, but you want to make sure that you pick the best electric fireplace. That way you can be sure that you will have a fireplace that will last you through the years. They require very little maintenance, so in most cases lasting years is not a problem. It is also cheaper for your home insurance as well heating with electric instead of with any other source.


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