What Your Bag Says About You…

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Bags can be everything from practical to pretty. They have so many different uses, but from rucksack to clutch, what does your bag say about you?

Nappy Bag

If you are using a nappy bag as your go-to bag, it is a pretty big indicator that you’ve got kids. If you haven’t, then it begs the question of why you need an incorporated changing mat and bottle holder, but whatever floats your boat and suits you should not be judged. There are many different designs and patterns that you can go for, and most parents continue to use these versatile bags well past the nappy stage just for the amount of room and different storage compartments that are available.

Shoulder Bag

An indicator that you have been in school or have a lot of paperwork to carry around with you. How you wear it can say a lot about your character; if you are wearing it off one shoulder, you probably aren’t too concerned about the work that lies within. Those who carry it across their body want to keep it to themselves and are almost protecting it from the outside world.

Your Bag shoulder bag

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Clutch Bag

You know what possessions are crucial and important to you, and you know how best to carry them around. You are a minimalist, and if you are carrying it around apart from when on a night out or at an occasion, it probably has all that is required within it to see you through the day with no extras concerned. There are so many different varieties of clutch bags online that you’ll be hard pressed not to find one that will go with whatever outfit you choose. Taking up less space than a conventional handbag allows you the option to fill up the spare room … with more clutch bags.


Much like the shoulder bag, you are probably still in school or love practicality. You know that you can fit your life and more into that bag, and if you got lost or in a sticky situation there would be something in there to help you out – plus a few friends. Although beneficial for carrying a lot of items at once, there are some downsides to this bag; it can wreak havoc upon your posture if worn incorrectly. Currently used a lot by the hipster subculture due to the different fabrics and styles it can come in.

No Bag – Just Pockets

You know how to live life on the edge! You’re not concerned about having a bag with you – it’s just something else to weigh you down. What you need you have shoved in your pockets, or balanced elsewhere like in your bra, and you’ve gotten by just fine with doing that for so long that you’d feel weird if you actually took a bag with you – you probably wouldn’t even know what to pack in it. Often forget that you have any bags at all to help you make your life easier – but you don’t care.


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