Tiny Home? Create Your Breathing Space With These Smart Tips

Tiny Home? Create Your Breathing Space With These Smart Tips

A sweet home

Not everyone can start climbing the property ladder with a large size property. Sometimes, all you can afford is a small home. There’s nothing wrong with small houses, except that they do need some clever designing to keep everything you need at its place. So, forget the home cinema and the XXL sofa, and discover the charm of small and comfortable homes with these 5 tips.

#1. Furniture That Works For You

First of all, if your home is small, your furniture should be designed to fit the space. This means, that you might have to be clever and to revert to custom-built furniture to make the most of your space. An efficient space-saving design is at the core of a comfortable small home! So, if you’ve got stairs, maximize them by creating understairs storage, for example. If you can find furniture sets, such as table and chairs, that can work together to save space when you are not using it; this is even better!

#2. Keep A Functional Kitchen

In a small kitchen, it’s essential to keep everything you need at hand. Remember that just because it’s small, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use it. Start by looking for small appliances, such as a small fridge and a small oven. You might even find microwave ovens which can perfectly fulfill the tasks of a traditional oven – google ovenshopper.com for more. This is a gain of space without losing any function! Additionally, looking for multitasking tools, such as a food processor that does blender too is the best way to equip your kitchen.
Breathing Space red kitchen and white

Small and functional


#3. Small And Practical Bathroom

When you have a small bathroom, unfortunately, you need to focus on the functionality as a priority. This means that a shower will be more space-efficient than a luxury tub, so you can forget your dream of a warm bath in the evening. Maximize wall storage to keep the space useful and open too, as described in a previous article in tastefulspace.com. Don’t worry about missing luxury: You can rely on an elegant mirror and some high-quality towels to remind yourself that it can be small and comfy!

Breathing Space white sofa


#4. Small Bedroom Inspirations

Small bedrooms can be the nightmare of most homeowners: How can you fit the bed, the desk, the wardrobe, the TV and your favorite fitness gears in there? It’s easy: Don’t. Small bedrooms need to be entirely centered around their core function. Therefore you need to find a comfortable bed that fits and a storage area for your clothes. The rest is unnecessary and will only make the room feel crammed and busy.  

#5. Use Playful Colours

The last piece of advice is about décor and setting the mood. Just because the place is small, it doesn’t mean that it should be dull too. Don’t hesitate to bring colorful schemes under your roof to lighten up the space and add a touch of creativity to your nest! As you start playing with colors, remember to keep all sources of light clear too: Windows will help you create a fresh feel to your small home.

Breathing Space cozy living room

Black, red and white scheme

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