8 Beach Trends Activities to Try Out This Summer

8 Beach Trends Activities to Try Out This Summer
8 Beach Trends Activities to Try Out This Summer


Summer is fast approaching. There are only a couple of months before it officially starts. Have you already planned out your beach trip? Do you have any ideas what to do to enjoy yourselves?

Well, you’ll be glad to know that there are several activities you can try out, including luxury camping in Philippine beaches. But if that does not appeal to you, you don’t have to worry for you can try out these ones instead:

Beach sports

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Sports such as beach volleyball and beach soccer are always trending, particularly because they are so much fun to do. It’s also less complicated; all you have to do is bring a ball with you, draw some lines on the sand to make a court, and you’re basically good to go.

Mermaid swimming

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Mermaid swimming is a neat idea that is quickly catching on. Everyone wants to try it and fulfil their fantasies to become beautiful sirens. Top Philippine beaches – including Boracay – offer this in lessons. But you can also get those lessons in Manila, Cebu, and Moalboal. Check out the Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy’s website for more information!

Cliff diving

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Cliff diving is another beach trend that is currently thriving. People, particularly those with adventurous spirits, love to do this, capture the moment, and share it on their social media accounts – which naturally makes everyone envious and want to try it out.

If you and your friends like to challenge yourselves, go check out and visit one of the top cliff diving spots in the country!

Fly fish

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Say goodbye to jet skis and hello to fly fish. It is an exciting ride that you and your barkada can ride. You are basically being pulled by a speedboat across the ocean. You might encounter bumpy and bouncy waves, so make sure you hang tight to your fish!

Standup paddling

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If you believe a rocky ride is not for you, then try out standup paddling instead. It is a zen activity that is perfect to do on shallow waters. You can easily do it even if you are not an experienced surfer. But you might want to take on beginner’s classes first so you can master it quickly.


Photo Courtesy: tophdimgs.com

Parasailing has been around for many years already and is still very much a trendy thing to do on the beach because of its enjoyable factor.

Essentially, you’re riding a parachute that is being pulled by a speedboat. It is both frightening and exciting! If you want to take photos, here’s a tip: bring your camera and asked the boat crew to take them for you.

Scuba diving

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The Philippines has been enriched with beautiful sea life that you just have to see. You can do this by scuba diving. You can buy your own equipment prior to your beach trip or you can rent them out. Usually, there are shops near the beach that will let you do this – and even provide you tours under the sea!

Island hopping

Photo Courtesy: linusEkenstand/youtube.com

Another thing that this country has been blessed with is its islands. This is why island hopping tours is a thing here. Places like Boracay and Palawan offers this to local and foreign tourists so that everyone can enjoy the wonders of the Philippines!



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