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It’s not just the walls that you need to prime, furniture you need to move and cover and dust sheets you need to put down. There are many things that will need preparing in and around your home if you want a level of ease, and to achieve everything that is possible to you within your redecoration plans.

White Goods and Gadgets

If you are restyling your kitchen, it’s always worth noting whether the colour scheme will go with what you already have in place. There are so many varieties of colour for white goods that it’s almost a discredit to the name, and you may find that any white ones that you already have may have discoloured with age to a more ivory colour. This is also a great time to get any minor work on them done – you don’t want to wait to pull everything out again when you have already gotten everything finished. Check for a tradesman on a site like City Appliance Repair and make sure that everything is as it should be when you’ve got the appliances in prime position for checking. You’ll thank yourself later.

Cleaning Supplies

The dirt and grime from redecorating is never-ending. Whether it’s moving furniture that hasn’t seen another patch of floor in years and finding the dust bunnies that were hibernating underneath, or having to mop up any paint splatters that find their way onto the floor, the supplies that you need to keep on-hand can be monumental. You are best off using everything that you already have available to you; you may find that you will need to go out and purchase new for quite a lot of the products that you are using. This is mainly because you’ll be running out at a rate of knots, but there’s also the added point that it may just be plain unusable. Mops and brushes can get tangled with paint and white spirit amongst other things, and it can taint their future usage (if you’ve ever tried to mop with a mop head that has splats of paint on it, you know the pain).

Friends and Family

Gather them up and get them all on side! Now’s your time to use them to your advantage. If you know very well that your Uncle Gerry is a dab-hand with a roller, then rope him in to help. Same goes with any friend that you know who has any skills which may be of any use. Obviously don’t expect anything for free – offer to pay, return the favour or set out a lunch for them. Always buy them a gift at the end to say thanks, and they may just return to give you a hand in the future. The more people you have around to help, the less time you will spend dedicated to the job at hand. It’s not a case of too many cooks spoil the broth unless you don’t give clear and concise instructions as to what you want the room to look like when it’s finished.


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