It’s 1995 In My Head!

1995 style glasses woman

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So wherever you go, you just can’t escape the fact that the nineties look is everywhere at the moment. You see it in makeup trends, hairstyles, clothes, and jewelry. But it is subtly different from the actual garments folks used to wear in the 90s. This can make it confusing to get right! But fear not, if you are trying to get it spot on as you can just read on for some advice on how to pull off the look.


So the 90’s trend is all about getting the right shapes, in the right colors. Tops should be cropped, revealing midriffs, preferably high necked in solid shades like black or white. Or if you are feeling particularly adventurous you can try a pastel tie dye too.

1995 style dress woman


Or why not try layering tighter and loose items together. Start with a body contouring top as a base, and add oversized jersey vests or boxy jackets for a 90’s look with a little flair.


So now you have the top sorted, you need to get what you are wearing on the bottom right as well. Dungarees are perfect for this look, either with shorts, trousers or even as a dress!

They sit wonderfully over the crop tops mentioned above, giving you that 90’s vibe and are super practical for day to day life as well.

Then there is also the three-quarter length pencil skirt. This is usually made out of a stretchy fabric, maybe even a ribbed variety for true authenticity?

For super style points team with a ‘matchy-matchy’ top with a turtleneck in dark colors. Then add chunky boots like Dr. Martens and an open fronted long line cardigan in gray.

Second layers

90’s style second layers like coats and jackets are actually one of the easiest things to get right in the is style. This is because you basically have a choice between a bomber style jacket, or a bleach washed denim jacket.

If you decide to go for the denim look, make sure it’s oversized and boxy and the lightest wash, you can get. Vintage is best, but there are a few good reproductions of this shape coming on the market now.

If you choose the bomber jacket, you have a little more choice to play with, as they come in all sorts of fabrics and finishes. Embroidery flours are particularly popular at the moment.

Just be careful of getting the lines right when you chose a bomber jacket, though. As they can make you look a lot bulkier on top that you would want to be.


A massive element of pulling off the 90’s look is getting the jewelry right. It is the jewelry that brings the references in the outfit all together as a cohesive whole.

For example, your dungarees and cropped top may look basic if you don’t combine it with rows of small hoop silver earrings. To get some of that genuine 90’s grunge feel, wear them graduating from the lobe all the way up the ear. Check out sites like 925 silver earrings for a great selection.

Chokers are also big this season and can work well to set off an outfit, whether casual or a formal. Just make sure that they are back velvet for true 90’s authenticity.

Then, of course, there is the leather pendant with metal clasp. Smiley faces, referring the 90’s rave scene and Yin and Yangs are spots on for this trend. Layer several for a more boho, festival look.


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