Fitball: Introduction And Its Benefits For Kids

Fitball girl curling small dumbbells

Fitball is also known as Swiss ball or Pezzi ball. Fitball for kids is designed especially for athletics and fitness training. It can also be used for physical therapy, rehabilitation, Pilates, gymnastics, and more. Initially, fitball for kids was designed for Neuro-development in the infants. Further, fitballs were used for treating patients with orthopedic problems.

The fitball for kids measures about 14 to 34 inches in diameter, made up of soft and non-toxic PVC material. Being latex free, they are safe for use by the people with allergies and is suitable for use by adults as well as children.

The Benefits Of The Fitball

The fitball is unstable and it needs balancing, and due to this, the body has to force itself to have proper alignment of the spine. The perfect posture of the spinal cord is the easiest way to have aproper balance on the fitball for kids. This will keep your spine healthy and will give relief in back pain.

The fitball will force you to frequently change positions in order to maintain balance on the exercise ball. This will help to reduce the damage that can cause due to sitting in thesame position for a long time.

While managing to balance on the fitball, one can get that 6-packs that are desirable by many, as the body uses the abdominal muscles in order to maintain balance while sitting on the fitball. Thus, the lower abdominal workout resulting in the abdominal muscles strengthening is achieved apart from just sitting on the fitball.

Fitball for kids is also used as it helps in improving the blood flow to all the parts of the body. When using the fitball, one can perform stretches or do a mini workout whenever you feel to do without even standing from the exercise ball. Thus, you will have better health.Use of fitball helps to improve the balance of the person. This is because sitting on theunstable object will help to improve the sense of balance and also the reactions of the muscles.

Use of fitball for kids will make them more energetic as one has to keep moving in order to be active.

The fitball helps one to keep themselves fit as it helps to burn about 350 calories per day, which results due to more movements while sitting on the fitball or exercise ball.The fitball are reasonable and less costly than the ergonomic chair.

Fitball baby on top of exercise ball

Fitball For Kids: Exercises For Kids

Trunk Extensions: The extension exercises help to tone the core muscles. The core muscles consist of deep abdominal and the back muscles which help to stabilize and provide support to the body during continuous movement. Thus, for doing this, one can spread some toys near the fitball and the child has to manage to balance himself, of course in theguidance of the adult nearby to pick up the objects from the floor and try to keep them on the table nearby.

The hand crawl exercises using the fitball for kids help to strengthen the arm and the core muscles. For this, the child has to lie on the stomach on the fitball, his hands should touch the floor. Further, he has to use the hands and push himself around the circle.

The superman exercise will help in improving the posture and the balance. The child will lie on his stomach on the exercise ball. Then the child has to extend both legs and the arms straight out of the body to fully extend the body. This will help in improving the balance of the body. However, if extending both legs and arms is difficult, one can raise the right leg and left arm and alternating the movement for gaining confidence while performing the exercise.


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