Turn A Stressful Home Into A Stress-Free Sanctuary

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When we get home from work, school, or our other responsibilities, we want to be able to just sink in and let go of all our stress and worries. But a lot of people have trouble doing just that. They might not know it, but the home itself could be a culprit in making it a good deal harder to de-stress at the end of a hard day. Here, we’ll look at how to make a real chill palace out of your home.

Give yourself more breathing room

There’s no mistaking that everyone can get a little claustrophobic if they’re left in closed spaces for too long. Yet many of us will fill our homes to the brim without giving space much of a consideration. It’s no wonder we can’t find the breathing room to relax when we get back in. Even if you can’t physically expand the space of your room, you should look into rearranging the furniture and letting more light travel through the room to give it at least the feeling of space it needs. Consider the colors you’re using, too. Darker colors tend to have an extending effect on shadow and dark corners that make the room feel smaller.

Hitting all the senses

Furniture, color, and lighting can help, but they will only do too much. You need a multipronged approach to really immerse yourself in a relaxing environment. Set yourself up with some of your most chill music and consider using Aromaweb.com to create an atmosphere that helps you relieve that tension in the most natural way.

Take more care of your sleep

If you’re not sleeping, then you’re going to have a hard time getting relaxed anywhere. A lack of sleep increases the amount of stress hormones your body produces. So, you need to look at why you’re not sleeping. If it’s a bad choice of bed, you should consider getting something more form fitting with help from sites like SleepDelivered.com. But you should also look at pre-bed habits that can keep you up for longer, like staying switched on with monitors right before bed.

Add a little life

One addition that will help any home is finding a place for a houseplant. Nature in all its green wonderful form has a naturally calming effect on us. It also has plenty of health benefits including keeping the air in our homes cleaner.

Keep it clutter free

A cluttered home is a cluttered mind. Clutter is distracting, inconvenient, and downright depressing. A spring clean isn’t enough. You have to start developing the habits that keep the floor tidy of all misplaced objects and straight-up junk. Add more storage options, like wall hooks and hanging baskets for the stuff you can’t get rid of. Then spend ten minutes tackling clutter every day, instead of having to make it a marathon every time you tidy up.

The tips above are broad strokes, but remember that what truly matters is making your home your own space. If you haven’t taken the time to add a bit of your own style and personality to it, now is the time.


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