Packing and Folding Cartons: A Boon to Packaging Industry!

Folding Cartons and packing boxes

Packaging industry is one of the most flourishing industries across the globe. Anything produced or manufactured needs packaging and transportation from one place to other. So till we continue manufacturing and shipping goods, significance of packaging and folding cartons will not fade off. Thanks to the advancement in technology that now we have packaging options for plethora items. One of the most commonly used and popular packaging options is folding cartons.

Introduction of Paper Packaging and Folding Cartons!

History of paper packaging and folding cartons goes long back to 17th century when people used jewelry in string tied folding cartons. Commercial use of folding cartons on large scale can be dated back to 1897. Rise of throw away culture in United States of America further lead to demand of disposable packaging and this acted as a fuel for increasing popularity of folding cartons.

Folding cartons are basically plain sheets of paper board which are cut, fold and laminated by the manufacturer using various machines. These days most manufacturers print the product name, brand name and all the necessary information regarding the product printed on the folding cartons.

Benefits of Using Folding Cartons over Other Types of Packaging Material!

  • One of the first and foremost benefits of using a folding carton over other packaging ways is that it is easy to dispose. You do not need any special kind of disposal technique in order to get rid of the packaging once the product has been used. All that you need to do is throw it away in your dustbin and this will be easily taken care of by city Municipal Corporation.
  • Another important benefit of using folding cartons is that it does not pose any threat to environment. Throwaway culture saw drastic rise in use of packaging and folding cartons. Disposal of such large volume of packaging cartons could have been a serious threat to the environment. But the good news is that paper is bio degradable material and it can also be recycled to produce new folding cartons or any other product.
  • Folding carton is a very good means of educating the customer regarding the product. Manufacturers could easily print all the product details on the carton and the consumer can know exactly they are buying. This brought a revolution in food industry. Now the manufacturers do not only mention the ingredients used in various food products but they also mentioned calorie count, nutrient count and other health benefits of the food product. Now we know whether the product we are buying is healthy or not and we can even avoid buying a particular product if we or any other person in the family is allergic to any of its ingredients.
  • Folding cartons are inexpensive means of packaging. It does not cost much if you are producing folding cartons for your company in bulk. You have end number of options to acquire folding cartons at a very reasonable price. Depending on the size of your manufacturing unit you can either buy the machines to produce the cartons all by yourself or you can also get it manufactured by some other company producing the folding cartons. You can also order the cartons online and get great deals and discounts over it.

As mentioned above there are a wide range of benefits with the packaging and folding cartons. However, you need to make sure that you make the best use of these with all the possibilities considering the advanced technology. So get the right packaging and folding cartons for your company and enjoy the wide range of practical benefits.


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