Pack for Your Honeymoon With Only a Carry-on Bag

Pack for Your Honeymoon carry-on bag
Waiting for it. International young delighted couple preparing to their honeymoon trip and smiling while packing the luggage.

Spare yourself and your new spouse any headaches on your honeymoon by packing light. Not only does this make it easier to haul your things from point A to point B, but it also eradicates the hassle and stress of lost luggage. Here are three strategies to pare down your honeymoon packing list so everything fits in a carry-on bag.

Don’t Bring More Than a Carry-on Bag

While only having one carry-on bag may seem extreme, especially if you will be enjoying a long honeymoon journey abroad, it can save you a lot time in the long run. Don’t waste any time waiting at baggage carousels or for lost luggage to be returned.

Check with the airline you will be flying to find out their international carry-on baggage size limits. While most domestic U.S. flights allow bags with a maximum height of 22 inches, many international airlines have slightly smaller requirements, so choose your luggage wisely.

Make the most of the space inside your suitcase by using packing cubes. These nylon and mesh zippered bags come in a range of sizes and make it easier for suitcase contents to stay neat and organized throughout the duration of your trip. You also can save space by rolling clothing instead of folding it. Arrange it neatly in each packing cube so every item is easy to see.

Get Creative With Your Wardrobe

No matter how tightly your roll your clothes and strategically pack, you still need to be stringent about what you pack. Only bring clothing items that can work with two or more outfits. Opt for versatile, basic pieces in solid colors that can be worn day or night. Choose a neutral palette like black, white and gray to make sure every item can easily mix and match. Punch up your outfits with compact accessories like statement jewelry and colorful, lightweight scarves to make even the simplest little black dress look as great for a night out to dinner as it does for sightseeing during the day.

If you are going to be traveling for more than a week, plan to do laundry at least once, halfway through your trip, to refresh your wardrobe.

Opt for Compact Electronic Alternatives

Size matters when it comes to traveling with electronics. Resist the urge to lug around your massive DSLR camera and instead upgrade to a new smartphone that has a high-quality camera, like the Samsung Galaxy S7. With a 12-megapixel, rear-facing camera and a 5-megapixel, front-facing camera, you’ll be able to shoot crisp, high-quality shots that will make all of your Instagram followers drool.

Leave the bulky guide books at home and instead use e-book versions that you can access anywhere on your phone with a Kindle app. Leave your laptop at home (your honeymoon is for relaxing, not work) and bring an iPad mini to stay stocked up on in-flight entertainment. Bring a headphone splitter so you and your sweetie can watch together.


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