How to Find Cheap Garden Tools and Where to Begin your Search

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Few things are more discouraging than looking for cheap garden tools and not finding them.

It becomes more frustrating when you keep seeing expensive tools everywhere you look but can’t afford to buy them on your present budget. Sometimes you have the money but might just have this inner feeling – like I often do – that they are a bit over-priced…

…so you keep searching. How will you find what you’re looking for? Keep reading to find out.

But, first of all, let’s correct a common mistake a lot of people make.

Some believe that if something is cheap, then it must be of low quality.

The same people also think that if it’s expensive, it must be of high quality.

The reason they think like this is because they don’t know of any reason why a high quality tool would be sold at a cheap price. I’ll just mention some reasons before I go on to share the tips

Reasons why Cheap Garden Tools can be of High Quality

A new model has just been developed which will soon take over the market. People love new stuff and will naturally prefer to buy them. If this trend is allowed, the old tools – which are of high quality also – will not be sold. To avoid this, manufacturers and retailers offer to sell them off quickly. Sometimes at a loss, just to get rid of them.

A very good tool could be sold cheap because the manufacturer wants to get a repeat customer. For you to continue to use the tool you will have to make repeated purchases from the same merchant or manufacturer. For example, you can buy a lawn mower at a cheap price from a particular shop because the owner has the franchise for spare parts sales and maintenance within that whole region. It is a ploy to ‘capture’ the customer. Once you buy the lawn mower, it will have to undergo regular tune-ups and spare part replacements. Guess who you’d go to for that?

Promotions/Sales Drives – This is plain old advertising. An attempt to create awareness for a shop or to reward loyal customers by selling high quality cheap garden tools.

These are just a few reasons. There are more but I’m sure you get the point now. Let’s get on to the business of the day. Please Note some low quality tools masquerade themselves as high quality tools with great discounts because of their ridiculously low prices. They are not hard to miss. Just keep reading.

Search tips for Cheap Garden Tools

  1. Never buy cheap garden tools impulsively. Research before you buy any tool.

If you see something you think is cheap, make a note of it then continue your search. You may still find that same tool at a cheaper price. Or find out that it was not worth it even at that price. Garden-tool-guides advice is – be patient!

  1. To get cheap garden tools, buy before the traditional high demand seasons – spring, summer, and rainy seasons. Tools are cheaper in the winter, harmattan, etc. This is because the demand is lower and so retailers offer lots of discounts in addition to the general price slash.
  2. Buy from large tool shops. These shops have large sales volumes and so can afford to decrease their profit margin. This usually results in comparatively lower prices.

In addition, these shops have a reputation to uphold and so they pay special attention to quality.

  1. Always be on the lookout for special promotions and discounts at the various reputable garden tool shops you know. You could call or send them an email.
  2. Buy from shops with a guarantee. That is proof that they are selling good quality tools. The best guarantee is a “100% money back guarantee”. If you see one, grab it. It is proof that you are getting the best quality available at that price. If you are not satisfied, you can always return it.

** But make sure you read their return policy. It is usually available on their website. There is a time period after which you can no longer return it. **

  1. Compare prices and quality by doing product reviews at online shopping malls like Kmart, catalogue city, wall-mart etc. It’s a bit tedious but could yield some beneficial savings. Auction sites like eBay can yield valuable information.
  2. Always make sure you know of all hidden charges before you buy. Shipping charges, Assembly charges etc.

And one more thing

  1. If a deal sounds too good to be true, It probably is. Do some extra research. Looking for a Shop?

We have put together a few suggestions on selecting a good shop. A few shops are mentioned there but we will like to point out that we do not own any of them and so will bear no liabilities for any business you do with them. However we will like hear about your experiences at any of the shops so we can keep providing up-to date information. Give us feedback through our practical tips suggestion form.

All the best in selecting the right shop to get cheap garden tools.


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