How to Implement New Trends into Your Home

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Imagine, just a decade ago an open floor concept would be hard to imagine, but now it is a normal part of any house. And that was a decade ago. Last year we had the huge comeback of subway tile, but now, they’re not as popular. Trends come and go, and even if you like some of them, you can’t afford to overhaul your entire home every time a new décor trend appears. Still, there are ways to introduce those trends on a shoestring budget, without disrupting your home’s prevailing design.

The Furniture Games

Before you decide to go to the furniture store and buy new pieces, take a good look around your house and see if you can work with what you’ve already got. Small adaptations, like adding new throw pillows on the sofa, or putting sheepskin, or a blanket on the armchair can be a welcome change. Sometimes even a seemingly irrelevant thing as changing the furniture arrangement can open up the space and give it an entirely different vibe. Just make sure that you don’t take it too far and follow these basic tips:

  • Mix pieces of various sizes.
  • Create balance with several similarly scaled pieces.
  • Use the unused space.

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Go for the Eclectic Style

Redecorating an entire room in a uniform style requires changing a lot of things, including furniture, draperies and wall paint. This can be a really expensive project. Luckily for you, eclectic décor is more fashionable than ever, so you can mix and match different styles, and bring in the new without getting rid of the old. Although the Eclectic style gives you a lot of freedom, it is not a chaotic one, and there are some rules that should be obeyed:

  • Don’t implement more than three styles.
  • Don’t use more than four colors – one should be the main color of large areas (walls and floor), one as supportive (furniture and rugs) and two or three for accents (art, lamps, decorative cushions).
  • Use textures and colors to unify different trends.
  • Resist the urge to overdo it.
  • Have a neutral foundation.

Use Accessory Items

Buying a new sofa may be too expensive, but purchasing a new cushion – not so much. Accessory items are the simplest way to change the feel of an entire room without breaking the bank. Besides, you can change them again next year, once you fall in love with some new trend. For example, this year it is a smart move to enrich your room with accessory items made of raw-cut quartz and metals, and use sheer fabrics and jewel-tone colors. Introduce popular patterns and colors with fabrics, cushions, area rugs, and drapes. Choose striking items and position them so that they are easily visible. Items like modern wall clocks, coffee table centerpieces, floor lamps, mirrors and artwork can make the room look instantly trendier.

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New Life to Old Things

For the last step, you’ll need little to no money, but it will require you to roll up your sleeves. If you can’t afford new things, you can at least adjust the old ones to match new trends. Do that by working out your DIY muscles. These projects can be as simple as painting one chair in Pantone’s color of the year, or a bit more complicated as creating an accent wall by installing cork wall covering. If you are into 2017 retro lighting fixtures, you can make your own with ordinary things like branches, soda can tabs, metal sheets, cans, utensil holders or old globe.

It is always exciting to try out new trends in your home but the trick is not to take them too far. Sure, open concepts may seem as a great idea now, but wait a couple of months before tearing down that wall.


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