Top Home Trends that Buyers Want

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Buying a home is a major milestone, so it’s no wonder that buyers want to make sure every detail works for them. There are some demands that remain unchanged when it comes to market trends, but some things change, as the new generation of home buyers comes to the scene.  According to National Association of Realtors, Millennials (born between 1980 and 1995) represent 30 percent of the total home buyers in the U.S. Here are some factors that are important to them.

More than One Bathroom

Both Millennials and Generation Xers already have families or are likely to form one. They’re no longer satisfied with one bathroom per house or even per floor. An en-suite bathroom may not be decisive for making the purchase, but it can definitely be the cherry on the top of a cake for many buyers. Crucial features of a desirable bathroom are cleanness, storage space and water-saving solutions.

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Open Concept Floor

Unlike the generations before who considered a formal dining room a must have for making a purchase, Millennials prefer open floor plan. They have left the formality behind, and want for both the kitchen and the dining space to be adapted to “hanging” with their friends and families.

A Large Backyard

One of the biggest trends in landscaping is escapism – creating your own little natural oasis, that includes a lush lawn, plants, seating area, fire pit, decorative lighting, nice paving and calming water features. If the backyard is small, it should at least be free of clutter.

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A Big Garage

An average household in the U.S. owns 2 cars. This means that one-car garage is no longer sufficient. Besides space for two or more cars, a desirable garage should have storage solutions for tools, sports equipment, car gear, and other things homeowners can’t find room for inside the house.

An Upgraded Modern Kitchen

The kitchen remains the core of the house and it is still the room where upgrades bring the biggest ROI (return of investment). Cabinets should be in good shape, and hardware mustn’t be dated. Low-maintenance countertops (e.g. granite with a pattern that can hide scratches), both task and ambient lighting fixtures and ceramic tile or hardwood flooring are very useful upgrades.

Parquetry or Hardwood Flooring

The kitchen isn’t the only place where hardwood flooring is popular. The endurance and the appearance of both parquetry and hardwood floors have made them fashionable choices for every room in the house, and it seems that that trend isn’t going away.

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Pantry and Laundry Room

The buyers always appreciate additional storage space, especially when it comes to food and laundry. Walk-in kitchen pantries with built-in organization system where food-prep items and certain food can be stashed out of sight to help make the kitchen less cluttered.

A Walk-in Closet in the Bedroom

Another sign just how much storage is appreciated by the home buyers is the fact they would rather buy or even pay more for a bedroom with a walk-in closet with built in shelving and additional features.

Daylight Harvesting

Natural light is very important, not only for saving electricity during the day, but also for mental and physical health. Home buyers will search for houses with large windows that let in enough light, but they will also value alternative solutions, such as skylights.

Building a Home

Modern buyers expect a house adapted to their needs. Sometimes it can be really difficult to find such a property, so they are deciding for project homes building. As for the construction, they will look for eco-friendly materials and smart features.

It doesn’t matter whether you are buyer or seller, it is important to know the current market trends, and make a checklist of your priorities and the things on which you are willing to compromise. All these decisions should be shared with your real estate agent in order to get the best possible deal.


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