How to Camp and Actually Enjoy It

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Every person has an adventurer hiding deep inside. There comes a time in life when you simply want to let that adventurer out, and go explore the world, climb a mountain or revisit Mother Nature. When that moment comes, you want to be prepared. Get all your camping gear ahead of time, and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you have a better camping experience and the list of things you should always have with you when going into the wild.

How to Camp and Actually Enjoy It tent at night
A place to sleep

The most essential thing every camper has to have is a place to sleep in. There are many possibilities, from trailers to sleeping bags. However, one that keeps you safe from the elements and provides a certain level of safety is the tent. But just having a tent doesn’t mean you will have a good place to sleep in. You have to learn how to erect a tent, need to choose the right location for it and know the general wind direction. Choose the site that fits your needs: water, no debris and dead trees, no swamps or large forests nearby, etc. You want a nice spot with a clear view of the surrounding.

How to Camp and Actually Enjoy It outside on the sand

Set up a fireplace

Fire is camper’s best friend. Whether you need it to heat your body, cook your meal or simply boost your moral, you need fire. And to make it, you need dry pieces of wood, grass and some tinder. Now, most modern campers don’t really use the old “hand drill” method or the “friction drill”; instead, they use lighters and other artificially created fire sources to light up a fire. This is the safe way, and it is recommended for everyone. However, if you want to try and experience the true survival, try and start a fire with any of the old and primitive techniques. Also, when setting a fireplace, make sure that it’s not too close to the tent, but also not too far. Surround the fireplace with something, preferably stones, and control it by placing in pieces of wood every once in a while. Fire will protect you from both the temperature and wild animals.

How to Camp and Actually Enjoy It under the stars

How to Camp and Actually Enjoy It tent fire

Before it’s too dark

Another very important thing is to keep in mind the time. You want to set things up before it’s too dark to see. So, if hiking through the wilderness, check the position of the sun often and once it is a few hours before setting down, start erecting your camp. Ensure you have some drinking water, a fireplace and a place to sleep. Those 3 things have to be taken care of before it gets too dark.

How to Camp and Actually Enjoy It cup of coffee

How to Camp and Actually Enjoy It tent and man

Choose the right backpack

Camper’s backpack is his best friend. With so many different ones out there, you have to pick the one that suits you the most and can carry all of your things. The best ones are those with extra pouches and attachments where you can attach a tent and still have enough room for water canteen, purifiers, food, portable diesel tanks (you always need fuel), fire fighting trailers and other necessities. Keep in mind that such backpacks can cost up to $1000, so do your research before purchasing one.

How to Camp and Actually Enjoy It mountains

Once you have everything planned and all things packed, you’re all set to venture out on a great adventure. Remember to keep in touch with someone, travel in a group if possible and have as much fun as possible. Pay attention to the sun’s position and remember to set up the camp and start a fire before it gets too dark. If you’d like to learn all about camping, you need to get the entire picture and visit the Mad Outdoorist: learn from someone with experience and shorten the duration of your learning curve!


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