Three Dietary Additions You Never Thought Of That Could Help You Lose Weight

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Hands up who’s ever been on a diet? That will be most of us, then. But hands up who feels as though they’ve been on a diet FOREVER? Again, that’s probably most of us. A scary statistic has said that the average woman spends around 17 years of her whole life on a diet. If you’ve ever been on one, you can probably vouch for the fact that those probably aren’t 17 particularly happy years! Dieting can be strict, stressful and above all, miserable – especially if you are eating a very restricted diet. Food is a huge part of our culture and is meant to be enjoyed – within reason. If you have been on many different diets throughout your life and have not seen many results, it might be time for you to approach your weight-loss mission with a slightly different tactic. Changing your lifestyle, rather than restricting yourself, is a much more viable way to lose weight. Plus, you might want to consider adding a few extras to your diet, which could help your body shift those unnecessary pounds.


When we are trying to lose weight, many of us steer firmly away from anything sweet. That includes honey, perhaps one of the sweetest things most of us keep in our store cupboard. But shunning honey could actually have a detrimental effect on your health. Honey has been shown to increase levels of ‘good’ cholesterol in our bodies, which in turn enables us to lead a more active lifestyle. It also includes a staggering 22 amino acids, many of which help to boost the metabolism. Yes, honey still contains sugar. But it is not a refined sugar, like the ones we have in candy, cakes and chocolate bars. If you do still have cravings for something sweet while you are eating healthily, there is no better option than honey.

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Dietary supplements

Look at the list of nutrients that your body needs to function normally and you will find that it is usually longer than your arm. Unless we have a huge amount of time to spend on planning our meals, the likelihood of us getting each and every one of these nutrients into our daily diets is pretty slim. That is why a lot of people instead turn to dietary supplements such as Garcinia XT pills. Taken responsibly, supplements like these can help to reduce blood pressure and improve your metabolism amongst many other things.

Help You Lose Weight green tea

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Green tea

We all know that drinking too much milky tea or coffee can be detrimental to our health. But there are other types of teas that can actually help with weight loss and general good health. Green tea is one of these. Matcha green tea is one of the strongest options and is recommended for people who are intent on losing weight. But all forms of green tea are said to help improve the metabolic rate and even promote fat oxidation. Plus, also it does contain natural caffeine, the levels are significantly lower than that of a regular tea or coffee – so you can even drink it before bed.

As an added resource, check out the top ten health benefits of green tea and share your thoughts on what you think! I would love to know your thoughts on how green tea has helped you and what your perspectives are on the science of the matter! 🙂


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