How Can a Futon Keep you Cool at Night – Heat Relief Remedy

futon Heat Relief Remedy

Sun shining bright, spreading sweltering heat into every corner of the earth space, including your house and you climb into your luxurious bed. You room temperature is perfectly adjusted – not too hot, not too cold, pleasant enough to give you a good night’s sleep. But you’re awoken in the mid of the night, broiling on a damp, sweaty mattress. Taking off the comforter is not the solution, so what is?

Some people might even crank up their air conditioner. This is even far from being a good solution. When cooling an American home on average costs around 17% of the annual energy bill. And maybe you need to dig in deeper to find the cause of this sweaty re-awake in the mid of the night. Your thought might never reach your sleeping bed; after all you’ve bought the most luxurious mattress in market.

Well, it certainly is the mattress, even the pillow. There are a number of ways to stay cool at night; the most effective of the cool sleep solutions is a traditional Japanese futon mattress.

Almost everyone knows the feeling of a hot, damp, and sweaty foam mattress- they are never conductive for a restful sleep! You might switch to sides, finding the cooler side and moving there, but it keeps on building up and retaining heat. Foam, spring, and down all suffer from the same issue.

The truth is that these mattresses don’t allow circulation; they restrict the airflow. The temperature of the air which is trapped inside the mattress rises makes it turn into an oven. Moreover, if you’ve ever heard about the health benefits of continuous sleep then you should know how a mattress is directly linked to the health benefits of sleep.

For you to sleep well at night, the aesthetic, the quality, has to be carried all the way through.”
–Steve Jobs

Rightly said! So, even if you’re waking up at night after intervals, it means you’re not getting the right amount of sleep to heal your body and soul. We claim on authentic Japanese futon bed to provide all these health benefits. Although, there are abundant of benefits of Japanese bed such as: corrects posture, improves blood circulation, prevents back and neck pain, reduces risks of scoliosis, and keeps you away from allergies.

Futon mattress comes in the form of a futon set which includes: shikibuton (the mattress), kakebuton (Comforter), tatami mat, and Makura (Buckwheat pillow). Futon covers are used to protect the futons from dust and for keeping it for a longer period of time. Tatami mat is laid out beneath the futon mattress so that additional cushioning is felt and futon stays clean.

A Breathable Mattress is a Mattress that Stays Cool

If the air is unable to pass through the mattress while you sleep, it will not build up or retain heat generated by the body. Most of the mattresses that claim on them staying cool do not allow the air to move and pass through. This is why during summers, you feel suffocated and sweaty at night. The best solution for this problem is, use of an authentic Japanese bed.

Also use a futon cover that is made out of cotton and is an actual Japanese make. Japanese cotton is generally available in white but also comes in contemporary to modern designs and patterns. You can even match the cover and its colors with your interior to further add vibrancy to your room.

The Japanese Makura

You’ve heard of the Japanese pillow, it’s called Makura. It’s filled with buckwheat hull fill and allows the air to move freely through the pillow, preventing any heat build up at all. Whichever side you will sleep on will provide the same benefits and cooling sensation. Apart from just the cooling effect, makura also is the additive in correcting your posture and keeping your neck from getting stiff.

It elongates your body and puts your head and neck at the correct alignment. Futon bed and Makura are generally why you don’t see any Japanese person complaining of stiff backs and necks. Give yourself the chance to avail these benefits, because Futons are worth the experience!


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