6 Questions You Should Ask When Hiring an Architect

Hiring an Architect questions to ask yourself

A time will come into your life when you are ready to build a certain project. It could be the dream house for you and your family or a building where you can hold all your business meetings; whatever it is, the first person you need to consult should be an architect.

It is a good thing that there are many top architects here in the Philippines – which means that you can choose which one of them you think is right for your project. However, before you finalize any negotiations you have with them, you need to ask them the following questions first:

What is the best project you have done?

This particular question is important to ask, especially if you are familiar with the architect’s line of work and past projects. Checking to see which one of their previous designs is their favourite is also inspecting whether it is similar to the one you prefer. If they have the same answer with yours, then it means your inspiration and ideas are alike.

What is the potential of my project?

After the architect visited the project’s site, it would be a good idea to ask them about the potential it has as well as the strengths they can bring out into the design. Inquire about which details they would like to emphasize. For example, they could choose to have an accentuated landscape or they could opt to highlight the view instead. This is another way of checking whether their vision for your project is similar to yours.

How would you manage regulation processes?

When you are asking an architect this question, do not concentrate on their methodology. Instead, you should verify how well they do with the timing. Keep in mind that you would want it to be done before the design has been finished. This way you can avoid delays that would cost you extra cash.

How will you manage my budget?

Most architects will provide you with a preliminary estimate for your project’s overall costs. This could also be done by an area contractor. But it really does not matter which one of them does it; what’s important is getting this before you move past from the project’s schematic phase. Remember that this is vital in tracking whether you are meeting your budget, which ultimately helps you avoid going overboard with your spending.

How much are you going to be involved with the construction?

The last thing you want to happen to your project is for the construction workers to misinterpret a technical feature or aesthetics in its design. This is why it is important for your architect to be involved in the construction phase at least once every other week. You must never hire an architect who does not have construction services included in their fees or at least offers it as an option for an add-on service.

What do you charge and what is and isn’t included in your fees?

It is not enough for you to know how much you are going to pay an architect for their services. You should also inquire about all the services they would be including in their charge. This way you will not be surprised if there is an added service you would have to pay for in the future. Once you have agreed on this, request a written agreement from them – even if it’s just for preliminary services.

Don’t be afraid to ask these questions. It is, after all, your right to know all about these things if you are planning on hiring an architect.

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