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The way that you decorate the front of your house is important as it creates a first impression to guests. Everyone wants their home to be inviting to guests (unless you’re a hermit who never invites round guests, in which case it doesn’t matter!). There are multiple ways to make the front of your house more friendly and approachable. Here are some of those methods.

Decorate your door

If your front door is an ugly colour or in disrepair, jazz it up by either repainting it or buying a new one. Consider personalising your front door or porch with ornaments such as message boards and small sculptures. Wind chimes and personalised doorbells can be a pretty feature, but be aware that they may annoy the neighbours if your property is terraced. Make sure that you door number is clear for guests.

Grow flowers

Flowers can make any house look cheerful. These can be potted plants on the ground, planted flower beds or hanging baskets. You can also encourage wall crawling plants. Just remember to stay on top of watering these shrubs – flowers may brighten up your home but dead flowers will have the opposite effect.

Front Of Your Home mailbox

Buy a fancy mailbox

If you don’t want the postman having to trudge up your drive every morning (or the dog has a tendency to bark or attack), mailboxes can be an ideal solution. They also help store all your mail in one tidy place that isn’t going to be trod on kicked every time you enter the door (you can also buy mail cages for this but mailboxes are much prettier). Of course, some house lead straight out onto the street and might not be suitable for a mailbox on a post, although you can get wall-mounted ones to address this problem).

Make the most of a front garden

If you’re lucky enough to have a front lawn, don’t simply abandon it – turn it into a feature. You can mow it short, add a garden path, add some deck chairs for watching the world go by or even turn it into an allotment. Alternatively, if you need the parking space, you can convert it into a driveway.  

Front Of Your Home beware signs

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Discourage unwanted guests

But what if you don’t want to lure in all visitors? What if you live in a less fortunate neighbourhood where you want to keep certain guests away? Without having to make your house a fortress with iron railings and security cameras, there are small features you can add to deter thieves that may have joint purposes. Motion sensitive lighting can put off would-be robbers in the night, whilst helping you find your keys in the dark.  ‘Beware of the dog’ signs meanwhile can courteously warn postmen of your canine companion, whilst keeping out intruders. On the topic of postmen, many may also put up signs to discourage flyers such as ‘no spam please’. Be polite with these signs, as otherwise many may still do it out of spite!


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