Why We Love to Hate Household Pests

Love to Hate Household Pests

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Our home is our castle and we like to keep the moat clean, the drawbridge up and men with arrows at the ready for any enemies. Okay, well that may be a little dramatic, but the feeling is still the same when it comes to pests being found in the house. There’s nothing like the feeling you get when you discover bugs or rodents in your home and it isn’t a nice one; you feel like your home is dirty and perhaps a little bit violated. Something unwanted is in the place you live and it’s somewhere that should be a fortress to unwanted visitors.

There are pests that have their uses, of course, and understanding why some are useful can go a long way to feeling a little more accepting of creepy crawlies and hairy beasties. There are bugs that you should avoid killing because they are useful in ensuring that other insects are kept away. It sounds counter-productive, doesn’t it? The idea that you should keep only a few pests to get rid of other nasties. Spiders are one such creature that kill more bugs and flies than any other household predator. For some people, they have far too many legs to allow them to stay inside a house but for others, these arachnids are the difference between a clear home and a fly infestation.

Other household pests include mice coming in from the cold, squirrels living in the attic and, in severely populated areas, rats. Some household pests aren’t easy to get rid of alone and that’s where Neighbourhood Pest Control comes in. There are companies out there that are very successful in handling any number of nasties that invade your fortress and having one of them on speed dial is a smart decision, especially in cases of repeat infestation.

We love to hate our household pests. The mice that scratch on the walls are usually harmless to you and have no plans to hurt you, but rodents can carry disease. Cute as they may be, cold as they may be through the winter months, you can’t really allow outdoor wild mice that make their way in to stay. You’ll soon find holes in materials and carpets through the home as they gather fabric for nests to stay warm and the droppings that they can leave in corners of the room can be dangerous to your health.

Our home is the one place we should be able to be safe from outside influence. Hiding under the duvet from monsters that go bump in the night is far more fun when you’re not going to be facing the nosy Hunstman spider when you come out! Ensuring that you speak to the right companies to put preventative measures in place for your household pests can help and the earlier you do it, the better off you’ll be. It’s easier to love household pests when they stay outside the home, but in the meantime, hating them is better!


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