A Guide Creating The Perfect Buffet For A Get Together With Friends

The Perfect Buffet crawfish



If you are throwing a party, you will need to provide some sustenance for our guests, and that is where this guide to creating the perfect buffet comes in. Not only do you get to serve delicious food, but you can also make it easy on yourself by choosing simple and tasty dishes that don’t take too much effort. Read on to find out more.

A seafood centerpiece

There is nothing better than an extravagant centerpiece made from seafood. Use king crab legs, shrimps and oysters. Provide a variety of seafood sauces and dressing and range in a decorative display. Not only does this provide a dramatic centre to your buffet table. It’s really easy to do, and it just oozes luxury.


Cheese is always a good bet for a buffet table as it a popular choice and easy to prepare and display. Make sure that you include a variety of types that include goat’s cheese and sheep’s cheese as well. Then anyone that is allergic to cow milk won’t be left out.

Service with crusty bread and fresh butter pats. Or with crackers, and don’t forget the chutney. Popular varieties include plum or red onion chutney. You can even make your own very easily by following this recipe.

Fondue is another cheesy option that is great for a buffet. It works especially well to break the ice between groups of people that don’t know which other that well because it is a dish that is shared. It also often results in unexpected funny moments when people drop in the things they are trying to cover with cheese. So it gets everyone laughing and talking.

Some hot options

Just because you are serving a buffet doesn’t mean you can’t have a few hot options for you guests too. You can,  of course, cheat and go for some ready prepared party packs that you just place in the oven to warm up. Or you can push the boat out and make your own.

A quick and easy option if you are going the homemade route is to do asparagus tips wrapped in pancetta. All you need to do is take raw asparagus and wrap around a slice of the smoked ham, and then season with salt and pepper and put on a baking tray to cook.

Pate for the party

Another fantastic choice for a buffet is a pate. You can have meat pate, the most famous of which is Foie Gras, made from the liver of geese. You can also have fish pates such as smoked salmon or even vegetarian or vegan patties. Serve with melba toast alongside your other dishes, for a great variety of flavors and textures.
The Perfect Buffet salmon

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Something sweet to finish

Of course, no meal would be complete without a little something sweet to finish. But getting the right dessert for a buffet can be difficult. Solve this problem by serving a mini dessert selection including lemon tarts, cheesecakes, and donuts. Then everyone can help themselves to the items that they like the best.


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