A Home Plan For 2017: Take The New Year Season By Season

New Year Season winter berries



So, as 2016 makes its exit (and not a moment before time, huh?), it is time to look to the new year. The only way you can approach a new year is with hope and determination. We did that for 2016, and we will do so for 2017. As a world, hopefully, this one will go a little better. But on a personal and household level, it’s important to continue and build on the good work you have done over the last twelve months.

While you may or may not be one for New Year’s Resolutions, a year is a handy way of marking time. Let’s not get it twisted – if there is something you should do or stop doing, it shouldn’t take a change of year to kick it into gear. Yet when it comes to setting out a plan, a year is a useful template. 365 days, 12 months. Four seasons. Let those seasons be your guide as you look to make your home perfect in 2017.

Winter: Fixing Those Little Problems

If your home has any little defects, it is in winter that they will become most apparent. A draft here or there that lets in air – well, it might even be welcome in July. But in January, it’s a nuisance. In winter your house lets you know what’s wrong with it – so that’s when you should fix it. Leaky pipes which can freeze, drains clogged by leaves, heating which is on the fritz? Blitz those problems so they don’t rise again in December.

Spring: New Life, New Home, New Garden

New Year Season spring gnome


In winter, when your focus is more on comfort, it’s easy to miss clutter and mess. As the days get longer and the sun brighter, it becomes harder to ignore. That’s why we have spring cleaning!

Also, it’s time to get into the garden. If the thought of pushing a lawnmower around gives you the fear, why not try this one? It’s robotic – so it will do all the hard stuff itself. All you need to do is tidy the cuttings and focus on the planting.

Summer: Make The Important Little Touches Count

New Year Season summer sunflower


The summer is the best time to make your home look better. Ideally, the hard work should be done before the height of July and August (when you won’t want to do anything). Repaint and decorate anywhere that needs it. Now would also be an excellent time to work on getting more shade in the garden – erecting parasols or even a pergola. Long evenings in the backyard are less fun if you feel too hot.

Autumn: Make Your Home A Nest

New Year Season autumn leaves


As the days begin to get shorter again and the weather colder, it’s time to prepare for next winter. Hopefully, your repairs from earlier in the year will still be holding. To keep the shorter days from becoming depressing, make sure the lighting in your home is on point, and invest in some cozy touches. Big warm fleeces and plush rugs are ideal. You’ll be keen to stay at home more, so you might as well make it luxurious, right?


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