Don’t Put Up With Living In An Imperfect Home One Moment Longer

Imperfect Home shower head


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If you went into a cafe, and wherever you sat it was freezing cold, would you go back there?

If you went for a job interview, and inside the building the lights were so dim it felt like an abattoir, would you answer the phone for the call back?

If you went to a party at a friend’s house and there was a weird smell, would you accept an invite to the next party?

Many of us would answer “no” to all of the above questions. Yet when it comes to putting similar issues right in our own homes, we’re not always so quick off the mark. Why is that?

Now, before I go any further, I am not saying you have the above issues in your home, nor I in mine. But we’ve probably all lived somewhere that had an issue that would drive us mad anywhere else. Because we associate our homes with rest and relaxation, we can blind ourselves to it. Like the elephant in the room, we know it’s there, but we don’t talk about it.

Something like this is all the more important if you work from home. At the end of a day’s work, it is tempting to just down tools and get to relaxing. But the more time you spend somewhere, the more important it is to put right the issues that you find there. So if you’re living in an imperfect home, now’s the time to deal with these matters.

It Takes Forever To Warm Up

When you get out of bed in the morning, sometimes it’s all you can do to force yourself into the shower. It’s so cold outside the covers, and you’re expected to stand under pouring water with no clothes on? What kind of torture is that? If you don’t have a timed thermostat, get one now. Let yourself get out of bed into a warmer home, rather than waiting.

The Lights Are On, But It Seems Like They Aren’t

Imperfect Home lights are on

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Energy saving light bulbs are an important invention. They last longer and use less power, and in a world that is using too much energy, that’s vital. But let’s be honest right now. They take forever to reach peak brightness, don’t they?

So you get home from work at 6 pm and switch them on. At around 7 pm, it’s bright enough to read the mail that you picked up on your way in. Check out sites like the Smart Future and their tips on home automation. In a smarter home, you can put the lights on as soon as you leave work, and return to a brighter home.

It Looks Like Heaven, But Smells Like Hell

Imperfect Home smelly smell nose

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As meticulous a cleaner as you may be, sometimes a home can pick up a smell that seems to emanate from nowhere. It is tricky, because although you can clean up things like cooking ingredients, their smell can linger.

This could be due to a home being poorly ventilated. Ideally, you want air to move through unencumbered. If you have this problem, an air purifying system could be your savior. Look for one that has a good reputation for odor removal – this does not apply to all models.

Let’s face it, you’ve paid enough for your home, and are possibly still paying at the moment. You want value for money – if these issues were in a restaurant, you’d complain. Why should your home be any different?


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