Forget About The Pool And The Kitchen Remodel! These Are The Renovations You Need

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What do you think about when you make changes to your home? You’re probably thinking about how you can make it more stylish or ensure that it looks as attractive as possible. You’re probably not even thinking about what you think of the home. Instead, you’re far more interested in what your next door neighbors think of it. Or, what people who come to stay think. There are plenty of people who are happy living in a house that looks like a mess when it’s just them. There will be children toys sprinkled across the floor like millions. There’ll be cushions that haven’t been washed in years with dinner stains on them. But the minute you have a guest coming over you’ll enter panic mode. Everything will be cleaned up and tidied in a matter of minutes.

Forget about what other people think about your home. Don’t bother considering making it look more attractive. You need to start instead thinking about the changes that could really benefit you and your family in the home. People waste thousands on renovations that, to be honest, don’t make that much different. Ooh, that marble floor looks slightly nicer in the kitchen doesn’t it. Yes it does but how often do you spend staring at your kitchen floor. Unless you’re trying to add value for a future sale, these changes are utterly pointless. So what changes should you be making to your home that do matter.

Permeable Yards And Driveways

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I know there are plenty of homeowners who couldn’t care less whether their home garden or driveway is permeable or not. But that’s because you’re not looking at the bigger picture. If you wake up one morning to find that puddles are building on your front lawn, you might think it just makes your house look untidy. But I’ve got news for you. There are bigger issues to contend with than that. First, if water is building up on the surface, this is probably evidence that water is also building up underneath. Depending on how your house was designed, you might find that it’s pushing against the lower foundations of your home. You might not be too worried about this possibility. After all, that water is meters below your feet so who cares. But actually, if you have a basement it could be pressing against the lower wall. Even if you don’t, you might still find it causes damage to the bottom floor of your home.

If you find water building up outside, you may want to have a nosy around your basement. You’ll probably find that there are damp patches on the walls of your basement. If that’s the case, you need to get a humidifier immediately. You see damp patches tend to quickly develop into other issues such as mold. It can also even attract an infestation of bugs. At that point, you’ll need to hire a  company like 24 Hora Exterminador and your home will quickly become a nightmare.

That’s why a permeable ground around your home could be the best option for a change to your property. It may not make the house look any different. But it will certainly help you avoid developments such as this. You may think that there’s no need to think about this possibility now we’re in winter. Well, as it turns out you’re probably more likely to get a lot of rain than a lot of snow this season. Of course, there is another house change that will help through the winter months.

Increase Home Insulation

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Do you constantly find that your home feels like an ice box? This is probably due to a poor insulation in individual rooms around the home. If that’s the case, you may want to consider upgrading the house windows. Upgrading the home windows will cost a few thousand, but it will certainly be worth doing. If you want to test the insulation of your home windows, it’s quite simple. You just need to stand by the window. If you feel even a slight breeze, you can bet that the home needs to be fixed pronto. You can also have a look at the windows themselves. You might find that condensation has built up behind the panes of glass. If that’s the case, the sealant will have worn away. It needs to be replaced otherwise it doesn’t matter how high you turn up the thermostat. Your home will still feel chilly through summer and winter.

You should look into getting triple glazing for the home. This offers more benefits than just a warmer home. It can also help you reduce noise pollution. This is useful if you are near any main roads or the house is in the centre of town. Triple glazing can make even the largest lorry passing sound like it’s miles away.

Of course, if you are looking to improve the heating in your home, you can consider the possibility of a smart home control system. With a smart home control, you will be able to set the temperature in the home at exactly the level that you want. This will ensure that you don’t end up wasting energy heating the home. It can also guarantee that the house always feels cosy and warm even through the winter. You can buy systems like this online for just a few hundred. Although installing them so they connect with all the features of your home can be a tad more expensive.

Attic Conversion

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A lot of people waste a fortune on renovations and extensions for their home. Usually, they build out when really they should be building up. If you build out, you are just removing some of the lands that you had in the garden. By building up, you’re not losing anything, and you’re gaining a lot of extra space. This is why a loft conversion can add upwards of twenty-five percent onto the asking value for a home. It will also enable you to have an extra room or even an entire new floor of your home. Attic conversions can be expensive and could cost as much as ten grand. That’s why you need to look around online and find the best team for the job. It can take a few months to get an attic conversion fixed up. But once it is, we think you’ll be pleased with the results. It’s about time that your attic was a pleasant place in the home rather than a dirty area for storing junk and rubbish.

Security Advancements

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Your home is vulnerable and I know that sounds like scaremongering. But just remember there’s close to four million burglaries every year. Are you willing to take the chance that your home won’t be next when it very well could be? It’s probably not the best idea to roll the dice here. Instead, use the money you’ve been saving to improve the security of your home. There are plenty of possibilities to consider. We think one of the best is the installation of CCTV cameras on the home. You might be worried that this will make your home look unwelcoming and unpleasant. It will only change how burglars see your home, and they will stop thinking of it as an easy target. Instead, they will move on to a home that doesn’t have such excessive security features. You might also want motion detectors around the property. This will ensure that if a trespasser does walk onto your property, they will get a fright. All in all a good security system could cost up to one thousand. But it will be worth it to make sure that your home is never targeted by thieves.

You might need to think about legal guidelines if you are setting up security features around your home. It is illegal to record anyone’s address without their permission. This is just a case of making sure that your camera is fixed in the right position. If you do this, it won’t be recording anyone’s property other than yours.

Don’t Buy A Swimming Pool, Invest In A Sauna

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Finally, there are probably quite a few people thinking about investing in a new water feature for their home this year. Some people might decide to build a brand new swimming pool for their home. This is a bad idea. They are expensive to maintain, expensive to build and just a general nuisance. Instead, I suggest setting up a sauna machine in your shower. These are great, will help you relieve stress and are even good for the body. The best part is that compared to a new swimming pool they are an absolute steal. It will cost you at most five hundred to set up a sauna in your shower. Then you will be able to steam whenever you like, and the cost won’t go through the roof.

I hope you find these home renovation ideas useful. Stop thinking about how your home looks and start considering what really matters. Is it a pleasant place to live, is it safe and are there any maintenance problems creeping up on you?

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