How To Get A New Kitchen In Nine Easy Steps

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This time of year you may be looking around your home and thinking about some changes that you’d like to make. We spend a lot of time in our homes around the festive period, both preparing for Christmas and welcoming our friends and family into our houses, so you might be looking around your house with new eyes and wondering what you can do to change it and make it feel newer and fresher. Your kitchen is the hub of your home and where you’ll be doing all your Christmas cooking, so chances are you’ll be focused on that room in particular. Here are some tips to help you sort your kitchen out…

Change Your Lighting

One thing that can make your kitchen look cold and devoid of any real character is flat white lighting. Of all rooms in your house, your kitchen is arguably the one where you need to be able to see the best so you can tell exactly what you’re doing, so it isn’t the right space for cozy coloured lampshades, but you could definitely invest in some lamps to change the vibe of the room when you aren’t cooking. Go for a stand up lamp that casts a glow across the rest of the room and turn off the white overhead lighting when you’re eating.

Change Your Storage

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Storage is an issue in many rooms in your home, and the kitchen is no different. A lot of things that you need to keep in there, like pots and pans, tend to be awkward shapes. Invest in pull out cabinets instead of ones with normal doors – they’re easier to find things in. You could also install hooks on your walls so you can hang pans off them. Go for a spice rack on the wall rather than keeping them in a cabinet so you know what exactly you’re looking for.

Use Jars Instead Of Packets

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One way to make your kitchen look chic and up to date is by going for jars to keep things in instead of normal cartons and packets. When you get ingredients like flour and sugar, decant them into a glass jar and line them up on your shelves along with labels so you can tell them apart. They’ll look good and they’ll also be extremely easy to find and use as well.

Invest In New Crockery And Cutlery

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We all love buying new clothes, jewelry and makeup so why not update your kitchen the way you update your own look by adding new accessories? If your cutlery’s looking a little dull and old, then purchase new ones – likewise, if your plates and cups are starting to look stained and chipped then it’s time to check some new ones out. Remember also that bacteria can stay in the cracks and chips of your china so it’s important to get new ones for the sake of your own health and not just the look of your kitchen! Get plain but elegant crockery that will last the test of time and not start to look outdated.

Buy A Big Table

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Your kitchen’s supposed to be the family hub of your home, so if you have space you could invest in a big table so you can all eat informal dinners in there instead of having to trek through to your dining room. Not only will your whole family be able to eat dinner there, but your kids will have a great space downstairs to do their homework, where you can help them out if they have any problems.

Get A Herb Garden

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One of the best things you can get in your kitchen is a small herb garden to keep on your windowsill. Not only will you feel proud of yourself when you manage to keep it alive, but you’ll also love being able to use your homegrown herbs in your cooking without having to buy them from a grocery store. We all know that you have to buy them in too-large quantities so they end up wilting and looking sad! Go for basil, parsley and chives so you can brighten up any dinner that you might be making.

Repaint Your Walls

new kitchen in nine easy steps

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The best way to liven up any space is to go for a new wall colour. If your kitchen is currently a fetching shade of magnolia and you’d like to keep it neutral, go for off-white or pale grey instead. They’re much more modern and current and will make your kitchen look instantly more up to date. If you want to go for colour, try out shades of pale blue, green and yellow. They’re all neutral colours that will add a calming atmosphere to your kitchen and that won’t overwhelm you when you look around. Colours like red and purple may be beautiful but they can also be very intense and make your space feel smaller.

Redo Your Cabinets

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If you’re sick of your wooden cabinets, you can strip them and repaint them to make them look and feel brand new. Strip off the old varnish and pick a new colour to paint them. If you want to, you could distress them a little with sandpaper if you want to go for an elegant old French look. One way to make your old cabinets look brand new is to change the handles and knobs. Look online to find some new ones to jazz up your cabinets’ look a little.

Add Personal Touches

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The best way to turn your kitchen into your own space is to add your own personal touches. Add framed family photographs to your wall, or put up some of your kids’ art. Every time you go somewhere new and interesting, buy a fridge magnet in the gift store so you can cover your fridge in lasting memories of all the cool things your family has done together. There are also a lot of magnetic photo frames that you can purchase – change the photos in them regularly and keep them on the fridge!


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