The Lifestyle Of A Traveller

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We’ve all had that daydream where we pack it all in and run off into the wild, but could you really live the lifestyle of a traveller?


A lot of travellers won’t have any idea where they’re going to where they’ll end up. That’s the fun of it; there’s no need to worry and stress anymore. You’ve given yourself permission to drift around and go whenever you feel like going. You might find somewhere you’re fond of, so you’ll stay there for a while. Then when the times comes, you’ll decide on a new change of scenery.

Nothing Can Stop You

There is no telling ‘no’ to a traveller. When they make their mind up about something, it’s final. That’s the beauty of it. To have that self-assurance to do whatever you feel like doing, and not having to answer to anyone – that is independence.

Connecting With Nature

As a traveller, you have all the time you can possibly ask for amongst the nature. It brings our senses alive! We’d be nothing without it, it feeds us and provides for us. So taking the time out now and then to reconnect is encouraged.


You may go and learn about a part of yourself that you never knew existed. Maybe you’ll find a hobby, or realise what your talents are and what you can do with them!

Always On The Go

Most travellers will have some sort of transport to get around it, it’s not an obligation, but most pros suggest it purely for security and ease. There are all kinds of vans, trucks and mobile homes for sale, so get looking if you think travelling is for you.

Appreciate The World

When you’re a traveller, you begin to see things differently. You find yourself looking and how the world works, and trying to understand why we were put here. This isn’t necessarily a ‘spiritual’ thing though, but once you’ve been out and seen different areas of the world that are completely different to your own, it’s hard not to think about our purpose in life.


Think about all the different types of people you can meet on your journey, whether it’s a brief encounter or a long few months together; these moments are precious. When two strangers paths cross, you should never take it for granted. You may never meet the kind of people you do when travelling, back home, so make the most of it. Share your stories, laugh and never forget.


One of the biggest reasons people become travellers is to feel free. The feeling of knowing what you need to do, and having the courage to actually do it and being happy with the decisions you’ve made. This kind of lifestyle isn’t for everyone, and it can be difficult, even lonely sometimes. But it just may change how you view the world completely.

What is true freedom? A traveller would say it is to be the master of your own destiny… What do you think?

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