All That Needs to Be Known About Drain Pipe Relining

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Occurrence of blocked drain pipes is a very common phenomenon in regular homes and offices that gives rise to severe plumbing issues. Solving such problems by yourself can sometimes backfire and give rise to more plumbing issues. At home, usually chemicals such as cleaning fluids and rods and other blockage clearing machines are used to clear the jammed pipes. But it is better to contact professional plumbers to clear the blockages and repair the damaged pipes, as they know handy techniques like pipe relining which only professionals can perform.

Drain Damage and Its Many Causes:

The drain pipes are integral parts of the plumbing system. These can get damaged due to reasons such as rusting. As the pipes remain in continuous contact with water and air they get corroded with time. Grease and other debris collected in the drain pipes can block them and give rise to cracks and leakages. Cleaning at regular intervals can increase the durability of the pipes yet that is not the only solution as cracks tend to develop with normal course of time. Pipe relining is a reliable inexpensive method to repair the damaged drains.

What Is Drain Relining?

Drain pipe relining is a cost-efficient method which can keep pipe replacement at bay. This is a handy technique to repair the damaged drains easily. In this method, a lining is installed within damaged or cracked pipes. The lining firmly binds to the inner walls of the sewer pipes creating a hose within the drainage lines. In this way, the damaged drain hoses are restored back to functional statuses.

How Drain Relining Is Achieved:

Only certified professional can achieve effective drain relining. To begin with the relining process drain hoses are first cleaned thoroughly with utmost care so that no traces of grease or dirt are left behind. Both contemporary and conventional cleaning equipment are used for this purpose as and when required. After cleaning, pipes can dry naturally. After the drain hoses are completely air dried and no moisture is left the entire pipeline is applied with sealant materials. Even coats of sealing materials are applied to the inner wall of the hoses carefully. This is an important step of pipe relining. As soon as the sealants adhere to the inner wall new pipe systems are then installed within the existing pipes with the help of water and air pressure with modern tools. In this way, the pipes are relined with completely new hose systems. After the entire system amalgamates together plumbers run trials for testing damages and to ensure that all the defects are repaired.

Advantages of Drain Pipe Relining Process:

There are several benefits of the drain relining process; some of them are as follows:

  • In special cases where drain pipes are installed under concrete layer using huge plumbing equipment can be difficult. In such cases drain relining is a useful technique.
  • It is a simple and hassle free process and does not interfere with the regular activities of the homeowners.
  • In can be found useful in both commercial and residential apartments.
  • This method is extremely inexpensive and save repair costs when done by correct professionals This method is cheaper than pipe replacements.
  • The entire drain relining method is less time consuming and does not require much labour investment. This is also an eco-friendly method.
  • The drain pipe relining materials used by renowned plumbers are durable and strong and can withstand a lot of hydro static pressure.

Drain relining is not just a temporary fix but a tried and tested long term solution.


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