Three Handy Tips For Creating a Low-Maintenance Home

low maintenance home


If you are looking to remodel your home, or want to move to a brand new home, it can be great if you can make it low-maintenance. If the time you actually spend cleaning or maintaining your home is reduced, it leaves so much more time for other things. It will save you money if it is more low-maintenance too. How many of us want to spend our weekends cleaning or doing things around the home? Sometimes, but not all of the time, right? Obviously, if you have a small apartment and no yard, it will not need as much upkeep as a large property with a huge garden. But regardless of size, here are a few ways to make your home low-maintenance.

Choose Things That Are Easy To Clean

If you don’t want to spend hours and hours cleaning, then the best thing to do is to not spend hours cleaning! Some materials need you to spend a lot of time on them, though. Think of kitchen countertops, for example. Granite will need much more maintenance than wooden or other materials. Granite easily shows up watermarks and grime and needs to have its shiny surface maintained. Other materials just need a wipe down every now and again. The same goes for flooring too. Tiles or wooden floors need much less maintenance than carpet, for example. Carpets need to be cleaned a lot as they get dirty easily and show up a lot of stains. So just changing what material or surface you use, will save you plenty of time. If you wanted to read some more, there is more about different surfaces online. You could look here:

Easy Ways to Heat the Home

At this time of year, our minds turn to heating our homes. One of the easiest and low maintenance ways to heat your home is with central heating. You can just set the temperature and times, and it will do it all for you. Nothing beats having a warm fire, though. So what are the best options there? You could choose a log or wood burner. But if you are having to get firewood a lot, is an open fire really a low-maintenance option? You could think about a pellet stove instead, for example. A pellet stove burns compressed little pellets of wood as your source of heat. It steadily feeds fuel from a hopper into the burn-pot area. So you get pretty much a constant flame without having to do anything. So if you like to have an open flame in the home, that might be a more low-maintenance option. You could look at for some more on pellet stoves and parts.

Choose Durable Materials

If you don’t want to have to fix things in your home all of the time, then choose materials that will last. Natural materials like stone and wood are usually the best options. They get better with age and pretty much stand the test of time. You should also be careful when installing pieces of furniture too. So use a professional, or follow instructions carefully if you are doing it yourself.


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