Uses of Concrete Slab for Both Domestic & Industrial Purposes

concrete slab uses

A concrete slab is an even, quadrilateral and reinforced concrete structure. It is used in the building of roofs, floors, bridge decks, etc. These slabs are available in many designs, which are listed below:

  • A two-way slab
  • A ribbed slab
  • Corrugated
  • A one-way slab
  • A waffle slab

The concrete slabs when used on floor can offer a vast range of advantages. Poured concrete is the most popular material meant for exterior areas and offers the benefit of a hard-wearing surface with amply of design choices to match any setting.

  • The concrete slabs can be used in hospitals, residential and other commercial buildings.
  • The cost per square foot of concrete is lower than any other type of materials.
  • It also offers savings on labor costs and time because its installation is relatively easier
  • It prevents pests and other insects from getting into the house.
  • A floor made from concrete slab does not get damaged easily by a leaking toilet.
  • The concrete slabs do not require any specific maintenance, particularly if they are sealed which makes the surface impermeable to all kinds of spills and stains.
  • It is very durable and can last really long.

To get benefit from the concrete slab it must be poured properly and all the components should be included, if any are absent then the concrete slab can be damaged. It is also essential that the concrete is left to dry correctly and that only the expected amount of shrinkage cracks appear in the concrete.

Correct concrete upkeep is important for avoiding expensive repairs. If a concrete slab needs to be swapped, the previous material necessities to be singled out before inserting the new slab. This can get very costly as most concrete is at least three and a half inches dense, which in turn makes the product very weighty. Thus, in order to simplify the removal, the slab needs to be bowdlerized or jack beaten to make pieces that are smaller in size. As soon as the slab is detached, the new stone base can be fitted. Thus, regular concrete maintenance is very essential. Listed below are some tips on maintenance of concrete slabs:

  • Prevent dirt and dust from building up by cleaning them on regular basis.
  • Make sure that the cracks on the surface of the slab are repaired to prevent water from entering.
  • Ensure that the joints as well as the surface of the concrete are sealed as this will be reducing intrusion of water, remove dirt, prevent weeds from developing, offer resistance to abrasion and protect the concrete from the harmful ultra violet rays.

Thus, proper concrete maintenance and installation will help in preventing costly repairs down the road.

The concrete slabs can be used for driveway and parking areas, garage or basement, courtyards, exterior pathways, sheds and entryways etc. Before getting the concrete installed proper diggings and sorting, is essential. For construction sites, brush-textured finish concrete is better as it prevents slipping while for homes smooth finish concrete is used as it gives a glossy look. Now days, the concrete is also available in colored variety which can be used in the interiors of homes, restaurants and malls to give the building an enhanced look.

Concrete is truly an amazing material that can be used for both home and construction purposes and is considered as one of the foundation of any building.

Thus, it can be concluded by stating that concrete slabs are widely used for building structures and with proper maintenance they can last for decades.

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