Why We Should Reward Ourselves with Travel After College

reward ourselves with travel after college

Glamping in the Philippines is an uprising new trend these days. It surely is a wonderful treat to go out and enjoy the beauty of nature after a stressful or overloaded work from school right? College can definitely cause us to do things more than usual. Once we graduate, we certainly have to unwind at some point, so here are a number of reasons why we should learn to reward ourselves with travel after college.

Patting your back with a job well done

Knowing that the stress of late nights, working on a paper, studying and memorizing everything, creating projects, and attending certain meetings are finally finished will make you sigh of relief. Graduating is what any student looks forward to before finally heading off to the real world of working in a professional environment by being independent and working hard to achieve our dreams. But before all this, every college student must learn to pat their backs for finishing college so you need to reward yourself for this.

The essence of travelling

Travelling comes in many forms as simple as going out to a café, walking around the mall, and even visiting the house of a relative or a friend. Travelling enables us to explore a new place and become accustomed to it. However, we usually define or see travelling as heading on a far place with a breathtaking view. Travelling to these beautiful places enables us to be away from the mundane life we have in the city. Even for a short while, our minds and souls breathe temporarily in a new way which is clearly different from our experience in the city. Wandering allows us to recharge, be amazed, and gain new knowledge by having a delightful journey.

college travel rewards

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Being with the people we love

While some say that travelling alone can rejuvenate the soul and is hassle-free, travelling is usually more fun when we’re with the people we love. The benefits of travelling alone means that you are definitely in charge of the schedule, eating at your own comfort, paying at a fixed price range, and easily going to where we want. However, if we’re with others, our happiness increases as we get to share different stories with them by getting to know them more, eating is more fun, exploring a new place altogether, and social drinking is something to look forward to. Many agree that travelling is better when we’re with others.

An amazing voyage

We cannot guarantee that all of our trips will be great, but we can say that it will be an amazing voyage as we get to have something to add for our experiences in life. We can keep our travelling experience to ourselves or we can get to share it with others. Travelling allows us to breathe as we take in the beautiful surroundings at the place we go to. If you want to carry on expanding your knowledge, then head off with your study group and explore the range of educational travel from WorldStrides! College might be over, but you never have to stop learning.

Go out by travelling to somewhere new and worthwhile after you graduate. This will surely become a rewarding treat for all the hard work you’ve done in your academic life. Hey, you can also finally shout your lungs out and say, “I’m finally done studying!” (That is if you don’t continue graduate studies though.)

About the Author:

traveling after college

Laurel Santos is a 24 year old grown up woman whose kid at heart. She lives in the city and works as a freelance photographer. She also manages a small pet shop inside their village. She loves traveling so much because she believes that one should not just die staying in without exploring the world.  She got a big heart for animals especially those stray dogs. Despite her busy schedule she always finds time to do one thing that she is very passionate about which is writing.


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