Staying Put! One-Time Fads That Have Stayed The Distance and Can Make Life Better

Staying Put! One-Time Fads That Have Stayed The Distance and Can Make Life Better
Staying Put! One-Time Fads That Have Stayed The Distance and Can Make Life Better

Human beings are stubborn. Of course, now I’ve said that, you’ll insist that we’re not, won’t you? Proves my point, doesn’t it? Yes, it does. I’m not moving on that.

But it’s a serious point. We have those things that we see everyone getting into, and we say “no, not me. I will not follow this trend!”. And we stick steadfastly to that, up until the point that we break. We have to buy something for work, or for an emergency and we think “Why didn’t I get this earlier? It’s made my life so much easier!”


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When in-car GPS came on the market, there were countless people who said “Why do I need one of those? I know where I’m going anyway!”. And then you fancy a road trip somewhere interesting, and you lose an hour or two wondering where the hey you are.

Don’t get me wrong, being lost somewhere can be the best way to find a great undiscovered corner of the world. But it’s nice to be able to get back to your blissful home. Being without a GPS really limits where you can go. And even if your phone has a good maps app, believe me – having a GPS is so much better.

Air Conditioning

Heatwaves may be a long while away right now, but don’t let that dull you to how extreme they can get. Those weeks in the middle of summer when you get out of the shower and feel sweat breaking immediately? The worst. So you go out and buy a fan. You tell yourself it doesn’t matter that it’s just moving hot air around!

Enough with the fans. They don’t make it better. If you live anywhere larger than a storage cupboard, you need more. It doesn’t take long to find air conditioning services that can make a big difference to how you live in summer. You won’t believe you lived without it.

Social Media

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For many people, Facebook wasn’t that big of a change. “Oh, my friends from work/school are all talking about this, I’ll check it out.” It’s pretty much like email with games, so no big deal. But do you remember the way people talked about Twitter?

“Only 140 characters? How can I say anything worth saying in that?”

“I swear, if I hear one more person say ‘Hashtag Awkward’, I will punch them!”

“It’ll never last – it’s just a fad. Who wants to hear a bunch of people’s opinions and see photos of their cats?”

So the middle person in that list may have a point. But Twitter and other social networks are here to stay (well, most of them). And they’re where a lot of us get up-to-date news and engage with clients and readers. Some day maybe we will look back and think “What did we think we were doing?”. But people still write letters and make phone calls – once we get to like a way of communicating it tends to stick around.

So the next time you hear yourself saying “I don’t see why I’d ever want to use that!”, think for a moment. Things reach a mass market either because they’re fun or useful. And who doesn’t want that in their life?


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