Handy Pieces Of Modern Technology That Actually Serve A Purpose

Handy Pieces Of Modern Technology That Actually Serve A Purpose
Handy Pieces Of Modern Technology That Actually Serve A Purpose

These days, it can seem as though there’s a gadget for just about everything. We have seen absolutely phenomenal advances in technology over the past few years. After all, just look at the iPhone compared to the cellphones of the early 2000s. Or consider all the amazing functions that something as small as a tablet has, compared to the first bulky computers. Tech is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world, covering hundreds of different sub-sectors. For example, the ‘wearable tech’ market alone is estimated to be worth $34 billion by 2020. But take a second to consider the kind of technology you currently have in your life, and the technology you plan to get in the future. Does any of it actually help you? Of course, the majority of the technology market is based on entertainment, rather than a legitimate need for the product. But you could actually be missing out on a lot of exciting pieces of tech that can actually help you in your everyday life.

Safety alarms

Do you have all the latest phones, sound systems, and televisions, but forget basic pieces of tech that can help keep you and your family safe? Take a look at sites such as http://www.securepenguin.com/medical-alert-systems/ that can offer information about technology that can help prevent accidents. Medical alarms are perfect to suggest to your older relatives, so both of you have peace of mind over any accidents that could occur. You can also now purchase subtle pieces of home security technology. These won’t disfigure your property, but can absolutely help deter and catch burglars if you fall victim to a crime. Motion sensors can even distinguish between an intruder and your pet cat, so you won’t need to worry about the alarm going off every five minutes!

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Sun damage detectors

Who doesn’t love a good day lounging around in the sun? Whether you’re headed to the beach on a hot day or enjoying the sunshine from a chair in your garden, vitamin D from the sun is essential for our health. But you can also have far too much of a good thing. We all know that too much exposure to UV rays can have terrible consequences for our health. These consequences can range from everything from prematurely aged skin to the development of melanoma. With this in mind, protecting your skin from the sun is extremely important. But knowing when to apply sunscreen can be a pain – we either do it too much and run out early, or we forget to do it at all. UV wristbands can help tell you when you’ve been exposed to too many UV rays, thus letting you know it’s time to go for some more sunscreen.

Emergency contacts technology

It’s a dreaded situation, and hopefully, it will never happen to us. But we all know that at nearly any time, we could fall victim to a robbery or an unprovoked attack. This is a scary prospect and is what leads a  lot of people (women too) to carry something with them to protect themselves. But there are also types of technology that mean you don’t need to take such drastic action. Many companies are now producing alarms and mini phones that link directly to certain numbers like 911 – and the best thing is that they are disguised as different types of jewelry.

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Kid trackers

If you’re a new parent, you’ll definitely be used to looking after yourself. Your kids, though? They’re a completely new kettle of fish! We all know how much our little ones like to run around and play. But unless you’ve got eyes in the back of your head, it’s quite literally impossible to keep your eyes on them 24/7. This is why there is a lot of new technology on the market that allows you to be aware of your child’s location even when you can’t physically see them. Perhaps you work from home and are in an important conference call, and your children are out playing in the garden. In order to ensure your child’s safety, you can actually purchase GPS tracking wristbands for them to wear. These let you know when your child has wandered out of their ‘safe’ zone by beeping at you or flashing. Some of them even have water detection technology added in, so you will know if your child has fallen into any water. These wristbands are also great at establishing a bond of trust with your child. It allows them to roam without you, which can help them feel independent, but you can also rest in the knowledge that you still know they are safe.


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