Functional, Fashionable And Fabulous! Don’t Sacrifice Prettiness On Home Necessities

Functional, Fashionable And Fabulous! Don’t Sacrifice Prettiness On Home Necessities
Functional, Fashionable And Fabulous! Don’t Sacrifice Prettiness On Home Necessities

When you look around your home, how much of what’s there do you actually notice? That’s to say, how many things would you remark upon if you were asked to give a description of the room you’re in? Things have a way of fading into the background when you live among them. Even cute things that you’ve bought specifically to look at. Our minds autocomplete a lot. So the time you’d be likely to notice them is if they went missing.

There is a lot you have around your home that’s just “there.” It serves a purpose, and you’d miss it if it suddenly weren’t “there,” but it can feel like background noise, a lot of the time. But that’s no reason for it not to look fancy. The little additions you make to a house make it more of a home. And it’s those little touches that might one day be remarked upon by a buyer if you want to sell the house – so it pays to think about the details.

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Gutter!

It is! But we all know what comes to mind when we think of the guttering around our home. It’s necessary if we want to avoid leaks and floods every time it rains. But it’s also ugly, isn’t it? Usually plastic, or metal that hasn’t aged too well.

It doesn’t need to be THIS ornamental

However, you can buy decorative guttering – in copper, for example – that brings more charm to the exterior. It’s functional, durable and brings curb appeal – a triple threat!

Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

And in their way, the windows are the eyes of the house. You see out of them. Light glints from them. And a lot of people’s windows just look glazed and uninspired. Well, we’ve all been there, haven’t we?

home fashion necessities

Windows are essential, but they don’t need to be boring

You can make your windows more of a statement piece, instantly making them pretty from the inside and the outside. Adding a decorative frosted glass window film by SolarTex, Inc., for example. This allows you to add a tasteful pattern that makes the windows more than just “there.”

Let There Be Light!

Without light switches, your lights would either always be on or always off. And that’s just stupid so, of course, they’re a functional part of the home. But most homes, especially newly built ones, have either a basic plastic box or a simple dimmer to perform this function.

home light switch necessities

Useful, undoubtedly, but it could be prettier…

A subtle touch, but one that adds instant character, is to add more ornate light switches. At a stroke, they’ll give the room more drama. And they won’t cost the Earth, either.

Adding small touches like this can be done as part of a wider remodel, or just an upgrade of the pieces themselves. But in terms of making a home really feel like it’s yours, they can make a world of difference.

You’d be amazed how often, of all the things in your house, these are the pieces commented on. Sure, it’d be nice if the hugely expensive dining table were what caught the eye – but that’s the thing about things that are “just there”. People who aren’t always there do notice them.


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