Aluminum Composite Material

aluminum composite

The human race has advanced technologically by leaps and bounds in the last few hundred years, at first we use to live in huts in villages and used carts for transportation but now we have advanced cities in which houses are made of concrete and we use cars for transportation. That was merely a small example to illustrate my point, during that advancement and even now a thing that is most sought after are materials which are durable and tough yet light at the same time. Such materials would have numerous applications, in construction of buildings, automobiles, etc. We have a few materials and one of the best of these materials is an Aluminum Composite Material.

In essence, it consists of two aluminum sheets bonded together by a Polyethylene sheet, aluminum is a light material and in order to enhance its durability and rigidness it is joined together with another aluminum sheet and bonded together with a polyethylene sheet in the middle making one single sheet, creating a sandwich of sorts. This allows the material, called an Aluminum Composite Material, to retain its lightness and it becomes so strong that it is nearly impossible to break the bond between the layers. Aluminum Composite Panels are flexible, formable, compact and stable which allows them to be used in various applications but mostly they are used in architecture and designing. They are used in external and internal architectural cladding or partitions, false ceilings, signage, machine coverings, container constructions, etc. Because of its light weight and durability the material is perfect for use in sign boards, and that is due to the Aluminum Composite Material being weather proof in addition to being light and durable, because most sign boards are displayed externally where they have to go through all the weather changes so it makes sense to choose a material which can tolerate that punishment and that’s why we have this. Which means come rain or sunshine a signboard made out of Aluminum Composite Material will hold, this feature is of course attributed to the use of aluminum sheets. Of course there are other materials available for the construction of sign boards, but ACM remains a favorite among manufacturers because when we come down to the cost of the materials involved aluminum is much cheaper. There are different thicknesses in which the material is available, but this thickness does not affect its final application.

Day by day due to scientific research, new materials are being discovered and made with durability and low weight being the ultimate requirement. Carbon Fiber materials are on the rise but while it is light and can take some punishment, the material is quite brittle. This where Aluminum Composite Material outshines because it is not brittle and its light and durable. That is why in construction, architecture and signage, ACM panels are used and not carbon fiber or some other materials. Because of its light weight and the ability to take extensive amounts of punishment, so if you want to make a sign, you now know of the perfect material.


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