Breezair Evaporative cooling: All you need to know about its functioning

Breezair Evaporative cooling: All you need to know about its functioning
Breezair Evaporative cooling: All you need to know about its functioning

When it is summer time, what irritates you more is not heat outside so much as the fact that you have to sweat and your skin pores are never free from annoying wet feeling. It could be quite daunting task to maintain the coolness in your house while summer is still ablaze outside. Often, Air conditioning unit is the first thing that comes to your mind when dealing with the killing heat. However, simplicity of technology has changed the complexity and evaporative cooling came into existence. Breezair is one such type of evaporative cooling that adopts the natural way of cooling that is thought to be healthy, ecofriendly and also cost effective.


Compared to the traditional solutions, evaporation functioning is simple to understand and uses water to cool the air in your house. Unlike air conditioning that needs harmful chemicals to cool down the room temperature, Breezair evaporative cooling comes with several models and they all represent an affordable green alternative to your air conditioning requirements.

Some of the conspicuous benefits of Evaporative cooling are:

  • Energy efficient choice
  • Cleaner and harmless
  • Considerable option for health-conscious people
  • Affordable installation cost
  • Ease of installation
  • Eco-friendly and hassle-free maintenance

The basic principle on which the Breezair Evaporative cooling works

  • Evaporative cooling capitalizes completely on the natural properties of water and its ability to vaporize when treated with outside heat. In the process, water absorbs a good amount of heat to deliver efficient cooling in a natural way.
  • For evaporation to work, it is essential for air to grow hot to enable efficient functioning. The air with humidity will result into poor effectiveness of evaporation cooling.
  • Breezair evaporative cooling works on the fact that when the liquid catches on the heat it turns into vapor form, which is the main player in this type of room cooling.
  • In the evaporative unit, an array of damp pad units and a fan work hand in hand. Pumps inside are placed to keep pads moist all the time.
  • The fan helps pump the air towards damp pads so the liquid water effectively turns into vapor since it absorbs the heat from the dry, hot air.
  • As a consequence, you receive the cool air which is then circulated in the house.

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Suitability of Evaporative cooling for the climate you live in

Before installing Breezair evaporative cooling unit, you must make sure whether the climate around you allows for such cooling to work in your house. If you are living in a place whose surroundings throw a lot of humidity, you are likely to receive wet air which is not good for efficient functioning of evaporative cooling. The result with such air will be perspiration instead of cooling. Although traditional cooling takes humidity in and spreads it in the air around you, this is not equally effective in case of evaporative cooling since the air the machine receives is already too damp to give you noticeable results. This is why it is momentous to first check the suitability of the place where you live.

What is better: Air conditioner or evaporative cooler?

Compared to traditional air conditioner, Breezair evaporative cooling offers amazing benefits. The most significant of all is that it is friendly towards kids and their health. So if you have a house full of children, you can think of the technique of evaporative cooling. It keeps the air in your house clean and unadulterated so that your children will not be easily vulnerable to allergies. However, one down point of air conditioners is that it absorbs the moisture of the air and emits dry air, which is not favorable in cold weather or allergic condition.

Efficient use of Breezair evaporative cooling unit

To support the efficiency of evaporative cooling method, it is advisable to leave the window or door ajar to let the air pass outside. As it spreads and propels the air through the house, air continues to flow across the room and rushes out of the open door or window. It is wise to follow specific recommendations proposed by air conditioning manufactures regarding temperature settings. Optimal temperature setting can affect energy efficiency expected of the unit.


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