Want a Healthy, Refreshing Bedroom? Look No Further!

Want a Healthy, Refreshing Bedroom? Look No Further!
Want a Healthy, Refreshing Bedroom? Look No Further!

Most people spend most of their time in their bedrooms, if you include the hours in which you’re asleep. So it’s important that your room is healthy. Here’s how to achieve that!




Bedrooms are often the messiest room in the entire house. After all, where else are you going to see a dreaded floordrobe? Some people prefer things a little messy. But it’s not exactly safe or healthy, when you think about it. Piles of clothes and other clutter just make it harder to clean surfaces like your floor, drawers, and desk. Dust piles up more easily. Bugs have an easier time finding a hiding place. Get your room de-cluttered as soon as possible. You’ll probably feel tons better!

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Fresh air

You don’t want your bedroom smelling stale or dusty. You also don’t want the air to be loaded with pollutants and allergens. So if you need to use aerosols (spray cans), use them elsewhere. Use natural, organic cleaning products in your bedroom. Get the windows open every now and then to let a freshening breeze to cover your room. And if you’ve got any clothes you haven’t worn in a few months hanging around, then consider giving them a wash.

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The bed

Despite it being the main feature, we often forget how important the bed is in our bedroom! A lot of people are happy to have something that’s a bit squidgy and that you can sleep on. But it’s important to have a high-quality bed, preferably from a green manufacturer. The comfort will help you get a better sleep. It will also help you maintain better spine and muscular health. As for the “green manufacturer” part, I’m referring to the use of organic materials. Beds often come loaded with toxins, chemicals, and allergens. You should do a lot of research when it comes to the mattress you buy. Check out this My Green Mattress review, for example.

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Your shoes

To be fair, most people I know will take off their shoes when they enter someone’s home. But sometimes people forget, or simply can’t be bothered. Perhaps they’re simply more comfortable when they’re wearing their shoes. This is, after all, why many people take their shoes off – for comfort reasons! But a more important reason has to do with hygiene. I probably don’t have to explain why shoes in the house are unhygienic in great detail. The ground outside is dirty, various things will cling to your shoes, they’ll be introduced to your carpet. Not what you want in a clean, healthy bedroom.

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Most people have pretty bright lighting in their bedroom. They’ll turn it off when it’s time to go to bed, sending the room into darkness. But that darkness alone won’t send you to sleep. Your brain will still be in “bright light” mode for a while! The best way to get a healthy sleep here is to make sure you have a dimmer light on in your room for an hour before bed. If you’ve got a dimmer switch, use it. If you don’t, consider installing one. If you can’t be bothered with that, get yourself a lamp and use that light only in the hour before bed.


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