All Hallows’ Evening Events: Don’t Be Scared To Celebrate Hallowe’en As An Adult

All Hallows’ Evening Events: Don’t Be Scared To Celebrate Hallowe’en As An Adult
All Hallows’ Evening Events: Don’t Be Scared To Celebrate Hallowe’en As An Adult

Hallowe’en is a holiday that for most of the year we don’t think about, and then suddenly we think about it a lot. We don’t prep for it the same way we do for Christmas, which is months in advance. We don’t even think of it the same way we do as Easter. And Easter isn’t even at the same time every year. But then, right at the end of October, you can’t move for mentions of Hallowe’en.

In our minds and in our hearts, Hallowe’en is now a big deal. It always has been, I suppose, but the way we look at it now is different. There is respect for the traditions of it, sure. But there is also a real warmth about how we look on it. Obviously it’s an opportunity for a party, which is great. But perhaps also because of when it comes in the year – when it’s starting to be really cold outside – it’s a chance for indulgent fun.

Decorating: Making Your Home A Hallowe’en Wonderland


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There are various ways you can approach decorating for this most offbeat of holidays. One way is to dial the scare factor up to 11 with ghoulish mannequins and creepy crawlies. Another is to make it a little more eerie while retaining some warmth. Jack-o-Lanterns are obviously an essential, but adding some warm decorative LED bulbs helps too. It makes any home welcoming for a Hallowe’en party. But not too welcoming, on account of all the ghouls.

Go Cartoonish, Or More True To Life?

Although Hallowe’en has become a very Hollywood holiday, it has a past that is rooted in some reality and some mythology. Certainly, the people who conceptualized vampires and werewolves wouldn’t recognize our depictions today.


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But to make a house really pop on Hallowe’en, some exaggeration works. Just make sure those cobwebs are fake. There is such a thing as too much realism on this of all holidays. You may, however, feel that you get a better look with a more old-fashioned approach.

Decorate On The Day, Or In Advance?

If you’re having a Hallowe’en party, or even if you’re just expecting Trick or Treaters, decoration matters. Of course, the more you rush it, the less finished it will look. And people notice decor. If you want to be in the – sorry – spirit of the occasion, it’s a good idea to decorate a couple of days in advance. You may not want to be the first on your block to pull the trigger – but the more time you allow yourself, the better a look you can get.


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Decorating the house especially for a holiday is something that gives you the chance to get creative. What you eventually go for will be down to what you like the look of. If there are any rules – and maybe there shouldn’t be on Hallowe’en – then originality is most important. It’s the one night a year where almost anything goes. So there’s really no excuse for underdoing it.

And then, on November 1st, it’s time to start thinking of how you’re going to approach Thanksgiving. Good luck!


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