Enjoy the Pool by Keeping Pool Leak Free

Enjoy the Pool by Keeping Pool Leak Free
Enjoy the Pool by Keeping Pool Leak Free

There is always a little bit decrease of water levels in swimming pools on a regular basis. It is a normal phenomenon for water to evaporate or some gets splashed out of the pool during the usage. But if there is a decrease in the water levels more that 2 inches a week, it is a sign that there is a leak in the pool and you need to call the pool leak detection service.

The designs of the pool is supposed to be water tight but over the period sealants deteriorate, the parts of the pool wear out by constantly getting wet, plumbing fault, leaks in the pipes, fault in structural components of the pool. The pool leak detection service has certified and highly trained professionals who can instantly detect the fault and completely repair them making pool available for use in no time. Few things that can be reviewed before concluding the leak:

If the leak is happening with the filter pump on it states that plumbing on pressure side is under pressure. This opens small leaks in the gushers.

  • Leakage happening without filter pump reflects that plumbing on suction side is in vacuum. Air is being drawn through leaks.
  • Pool leaks all the time; which includes the above two reasons along with other wear and tear in the machinery or the structure.
  • Leaks at equipment pad; requires thorough check at filter pump heater and valves.
  • Check for wet areas around the pool, the moist ground or any soil eroded
Enjoy the Pool by Keeping Pool Leak Free
Enjoy the Pool by Keeping Pool Leak Free

Apart from these Major Ones the other Signs that Confirm the Leak are:

  • Pool has air filled in the pumping system
  • Equipment wear and tear
  • Cracks in the pool
  • Pool deck is sinking, lifting or shows damage
  • Water needs to be added more than once a week

The specialized leak detection service will not only provide a thorough job in detecting the leaks but are experts in doing a survey to find future faults and wear and tears, take initiative to repair them instantly. On detecting the source of problem, these agencies provide the estimate costing, the fault report and the time frame along with the additional equipment and material required or to be used for repair. A minor repair can generally be done in a day’s time. However, a large or a serious fault make take more than a day to repair, which depends upon the situation and the circumstance of the fault. It is wise that the pool is clean and absolutely clean before the detection service is performed.

pool leak detection

Types of Repairs Undertaken by These Agencies:

  1. Structural Repairs: These repairs are needed for any type of pool with concrete or gunite pools, vinyl pools and fiberglass pools. These are different type of in-ground pools vulnerable to different type of leak situation with different type of repair methodology.
  2. Plumbing Repairs: The leaks found in the pool’s plumbing lines are usually due to corrosion and the ground movement. These professionals are experts in finding such faults instantly repairing them. These faults may lie in areas like return lines, suction lines, main drain etc.
  3. Pumps and Filters: Generally, these last for eight years but the life varies based on the usage and water quality of the area. More or less if maintained and services regularly they have quite a sturdy life span. But in case of a mystery leak or non-functioning of machinery the help from expert is required.

Crack Injection: This happens mainly in plaster pools. A high pressure pump is used to inject an adhesive called flexible polymer to seal the crack permanently and thereafter water proof bond is coated to cover the crack completely.


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